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# 1 Ummmm...Help
08-19-2010, 09:24 AM
After having updated to version ST.5.20100815a.0, during the loading screen I get redirected to a monitor adjustment screen.

"Adjust your monitor settings, and if necessary the slider below until the 3 lines of text above are visible."

Everything in terms of the settings on this screen are fine but it will not allow me to make any selections or even bring up task manager to escape out. Everything just seems to freeze and I will be forced to restart my system. I am experiencing no other difficulties anywhere else within my system, it seems to be entirely game initiated. I have made no changes to any display settings and have been playing without error until this morning.
Currently I am running AMD Dual Core 3.2ghz, nVidia 9600gt 512mb, 2gb DDR2-800, Win XP SP3. All drivers are current . Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated

Several hours later... Pls disregard above. The problem has now been fixed. For whatever reason some changes occurred within my ZoneAlarm forcing my client exe to not connect rendering my cursor useless on the screen I was viewing. I feel like such a noob.

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