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I was reading through the forums on how much people hate the Emblem system as it is right now.

I've come up with a solution for crafting that I think may work VERY well in this game.

It works on the premis that ONLY items such as Purple Weapons, Purple Deflectors, Purple Shields, and Purple Engines NEED to be obtained through Dailies/Emblems/Marks (whatever).

The rest of the consol purples such as Engineering, Science, and Tactical Consols could be otained through both crafting AND Dailies. However, with Daily Consols, they would be a set variation. With Crafted Consols, they would be customized.

With the primary variation of each ship being in what consols they fly with, it makes sense to make this into the crafting system itself.

Any feedback on this would be great.. thanks for reading.

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