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# 1 Cudos to GM Nova
08-22-2010, 11:43 PM
I want everyone to know this.

GM Nova is the Bomb!
Not only did (s)he reply to my issue - a feat never accomplished before by any GM.
(S)He got it resolved!!

I bashed the evil GM's for months and now Nova comes through.

This one event has restored enough of my faith to stay... just a little bit longer... and see what else can be accomplished!

After almost 100 days of canned copy/paste retoric...

That's all I wanted - a little feedback, a little acknowledgement.

All you other GM's should take note!
This is what the players want! A little acknowledgement. We're pretty forgiving because we love this game, and problems are understandable and even acceptable... if you give us a little feedback! Let us know that your really working on something. Get rid of that canned, phoney sounding copy/paste BS reply.

Thank You NOVA!!
Gene would be proud!!

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