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# 1 Universal Daily Charges
08-23-2010, 08:32 AM
I don't know how complicated this would be but bare with me while I try to lay it out here. Instead of splitting the dailies up between expanses, pvp, fleet actions, and so on, why not simply give us universal charges? Basically, they operate exactly as the dailies do now, particularly in the way they recharge, with the exception that you can chose to complete them in any single type of activity or a mix between all of them.

I understand that spreading them out as they are currently is likely intended to draw people into areas that they normally wouldn't do. This is a reasonable effort, but in my opinion there are more draw backs than benefits, at least to this point. People don't do the fleet actions because they can be tedious, time consuming and in some cases they just feel broken. PvEers come into PvP and effectively ruin their teams chances because they are content to do nothing as they are "just here to get the daily lulz" (I still don't think that awarding all or nothing is the fix to this, but that's another topic altogether). PvPers are relegated to scanning clusters and anomalies to grind out some mindless missions which, incidentally also can fall under tedious, time consuming and in some cases broken.

My point is that maybe things would be a bit more fun if people could chose how they earned their daily emblems. The end result is basically the same except you can earn your emblems a little bit faster while playing the game as you enjoy playing it.

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