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# 1 Fleet Issues
08-23-2010, 11:47 AM
As it is today we have 7 ranks available for us to give out to our fleet members (Champions will soon have 8). It's not enough. we need more. Approximately 15 in total, that would suffice. The names of these should also be possible to use as your character titles. The permissions for each rank should also not be locked to the higher the rank the bore privileges it should be possible that one fleet rank should be able to have a permission someone higher up don't have access to.

An other thing is that we should get the option to show which fleet we belong to like we can show which super group we belong to in Champions. The Patches in all their, less then amazing, glory aren't enough. They are too small and don't have enough customization to actually be used for anything then fugly things.

I'm for instance missing the ability to color the patch background in the color I want, the background images are not centred properly in the images and we need to be able to move them along the x and y axis as well, the greek letters are mission the lower case letters that is in my opinion needed, the best thing would be if we get to submit our own PNG file (with the right resolution and size) and have it approved (could be done with a C-store transaction or in game EC transaction). When a fleet logo is changed it should change on all the patches & ship decals already in use without forcing the player to actively go in and change it.

The fleet bank logs needs to be possible to copy the information from in to a text document to get a better overview of the transactions. Or they should have different columns that we can sort the logs with. The could be: Player, Item (icon link that shows the items price and rareness as well as its name and mark), Date & Time, Bank Tab used.

It should also be possible to put limits on how many items can be withdrawn per rank from the entire bank and not only for each tab as it is now. Both versions should be available.

We should be able to drag one item from one tab to an other without having to put that item in our inventory first. Moving an item from one tab to an other or moving it from one slot to an other in the same tab should not generate a log change and not register as a withdrawal.

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