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# 1 Fleet PvP Action
08-23-2010, 05:51 PM
With the introduction of UGC and the option for Fleet starbases I was thinking of some epic tales to spin. I had an idea some time back before the afore was even hinted at to be a reality of a Fleet guided PvP match.

The Match has 2 parts; space and station combat. My original thought was that this would be a station in the Eta Eridani Sector block that could actually change hands. This probably isn't really possible currently cause of the zoning issue of the game but it drives the match.

Phase 1:
You begin the match in space with the advisory that the starbase is an important foothold to the system and it must be captured/held at any cost!

The team that currently holds the station is responsible for the defense of the station. You need to thwart the attackers from being able to beam to the base and take it over.

The team attacking needs to eliminate the defense force to beam to the station.

Your ship has two chances to desroy the enemy invasion. If you are destroyed you have to wait for the outcome and transistion to the next map. The last ship standing is the key to the second phase of the map.

Phase 2:
The Station would be composed of three Decks and the control station. If the attacking force wins the space battle they would advance to the second deck if the defence holds out the attacking force starts on the first deck.

Unlike all other ground PvP maps this one would not be a circle. It would have advance point that unlock the new respawn points. Once the attacking team advances from deck one to deck two that now becomes the respawn for that team. The defending teams respawn is pushed back to deck three. Deck three would have two respawn points one at the entrence to deck three and one on the opposite side. The door to the Control center would be centered between the spawn points.

The attacking force would have 20 minutes to capture the stations commander. This would require an interaction with the NPC for him to surrender the station.

Defender wins by keeping the invaders from capturing the station in the allotted time while the capture of the station grants a win to the attackers. Although this would not need to be limited to fleets it was just my initial thoughts and was compounded with the talk of fleet stations.

Just so it is understood I am not great with paint but I wanted to give a pictorial representation of what I was talking about for the match. I do not really know the location of Star Base 67 it was just the first number I thought of in the conception of it. The star base could easily be a fleet if it was made a fleet PvP match.

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