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# 1 lvl 51 Marks of Honor please
09-01-2010, 02:15 PM
For those who dont know me i am an avid PvPer and RPer. i have 2 level 51 Klingons and a level 51 Fed, as well as 3 other characters. I have experience in all 3 officer classes and have completed ALL the content in the game on at least one of my characters.

i have heard MANY people complain about this...

Marks of Honor are no longer aquirable once you reach level 51.

hoever you can still gain marks of explorations.

this makes little to no sense.

there is a LOT of gear that only marks of honor can purchase, and many players liek this very rare mkl 10 honor gear better then the new mk 11 very rare gear.

is there a way to make Marks of Honor available again?

this problem doesnt bother me since i still have around 150 marks of honor... but i may run out one day!!

but MANY players still want to get mk 10 Honor gear and can't... i dont think it would be that hard to make it possible to either swap emblems for Honor, or have a seperate daily that you can do to gain marks of honor instead of emblems?

any thought?

(btw... its the Covariant mk 10 capx3 every one wants... or the crtH crtDx2 guns)

sincerely, your friend,
the Angry klingon
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# 2
09-01-2010, 02:19 PM
so if you hear many epopple complain about it, why not search and post this in the many treads that the many people who complained about this made
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# 3 No Way!
09-01-2010, 06:07 PM
Star Trek is not about PVP as focus in the game. It is just waste of time when many basic of a MMO are still not in the game. Klingon Females still do not Female type cloths. There is no Secondary Skill system. I would much rather have more episodes like Episode 1: Cold Call

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