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Here are the issues about inconveniences with it.

A. First, you need to take an item off the exchange, then put it back on if you want to reprice it. On Everquest 2 it's easy to reprice something. It has a button to do so. But, someone told me the other day that if the price were instantly changeable you could dupe/screw someone out of a lot of credits. The way I think he was talking about it was this:

1. A seller puts an item up for 100 EC
2. A buyer searches for that item and find's the buyer's item
3. A buyer clicks the buy button and gets the pop up window asking if he is sure he wants to buy it
4. The seller changes the price from 100 EC to 100,000 while the buyer is at the confirmation step.
5. The buyer clicks ok and ends up paying 100,000 EC instead of 100.

Well, firstly this doesn't sound like a realistic way to scam people. FIrst of all, you'd need to know exactly WHEN a buyer is at the confirmation step, then only have seconds to change the price. Since you can't watch another player's screen as they are buying an item, how are you supposed to know when they are doing it? Also, this could also work out in the buyer's favor as well. Just replace step 4 with "The seller lowers the price from 100 EC to 10 EC" the the buyer ends up paying a lot less than he thought he would. But, again you can't know when a buyer is at the confirmation step- which item he is buying from you, and which one to change.

And, it would be easy to solve this, wouldn't it? Couldn't the buyer just get a pop after he clicks ok saying the price has changed, and asking if he is willing to pay the new price?

B. The is no option to compare one of your items to another. You can't just right click your item and click "compare" and it will tell you how your item compares to the exact same item that other people are buying. It just would be a lot quicker than having to

C. There is a limit of only 400 that will show up in an search of the exchange. I tried doing a search for "personal devices" and I got nothing but tribbles! At first I thought maybe I had chosen the wrong category, I was thinking things along the lines of shieid charges, hypo's and power cells. I wanted to view all personal devices, but got only tribbles.

D. Is there any way to stop getting "exchange sales" PM's sent to me? I'd really much rather have a log in the exchange to tell me what I sold rather than getting a PM every time telling me. I never asked for them. It just simply has them sent to me. I apparently can't turn it off. And there's no way to delete these messages other than one at a time. A check box and a check all box would easily solve this problem.
Lt. Commander
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08-26-2010, 10:05 PM
would also be nice to search for only usable items... such as bridge officers... kind of a pain to find kDF bo's

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