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09-13-2010, 05:40 AM
Originally Posted by Vulican
You have a Third or 16 fed player simpythesising with you, i mean really. And i do see what you mean getting called names for running and cloaking and players whineing about getting killed.I leave pvp teams that complain about that.some of us fed Players would lick it a little more if we had a challenge from you guy's useing special abilities.The reason I say this is I have stopped playing against Kling's in pvp because they can not detect nor find me when they are in any really powerful ships.And your carrier that can detect me is so under powered that I can kill it in se conds in good hands and a minute in an experts hand.
You have miss-understood the substance of this old rant. It was caustic sarcasm. It is about the complaints of fed players that the Klingons are overpowered in pvp yet the Klingons have less to work with as a faction. It gets old to hear complaints from the that has a great many more toys to play with when they lose.
You really should give pvp a try again if you are so well-adapted for it.

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