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08-30-2010, 09:12 AM
Nice post very informative.

1. Beam Overload.

This skill has always been the ****, effective at any level but BO1 easily the best ensign level skill in the game. works wonders when used just before torpedo strike is about to impact, or when someone is trying to do a runner on low hull. Combined with tact initiative, you get BO that recharges in 15 seconds 3 times which is even more OP, the penalty that is the drop in weapon power is a non issue.

You post spoke of BO3, however i BO1 is just as OP, when used combined with stacking fully skilled APA III and APO III, and thats not even counting GDF, FOMM OR TF. The other disadvantage is using BO3 uses up a higher slot that could be better used running APB or APO.

2. Beam Target Shields.

I have no experience with this, but what i will say is that why bother dropping all shields, when you can use BO and drop the shield your shooting at, you don't need to drop all shields to kill a target.
BO is far more effective , however this may be a good strat for a science vessels with their poor firepower of only 3 forward weapons.

The problem as you have stated however is the power adjustment counters and that it is for only 5 seconds and that is not enough time for a kill (unless the target is being focused on by more than 1 person or torp critted)

I will have to test this though.

3. TAC powers

Self explanatory really, and i wouldn't call these infrequently used tactics, cause i do it all the time.
Most of what you have said in your 3rd post belongs in starfleet acadamy section and not really pvp forums.

All this stuff is pretty straight forward and yes the combination and right timing of these skills in public matches in pvp does **** all.

However in premade pvp FOMM is quickly cleansed and running the required buffs (stacking all your buffs for maximum damage) to bring down a resistance stacking healboat quickly sees yourself on the receiving end of SNB & PS.

Teamwork and the gradual use of TAC powers over time, is a better option (as you have said).
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 12
08-30-2010, 04:31 PM
you know what is most annoying about tss.....

the shield power drop is not instantaneous and thus give the other player time to pop the battery. if only the power drop is instant then it would be much better. maybe we can ask it for it since we lost the ability to stack it, as the max drain we can get is about -80, not enough to drop a cruiser shield.

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