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So I went to the Captains Table for a change and noticed something...

In the right side room there are nice enclosed windows that actually look like ship windows (more than what we have now inside the ship interiors) AND there are stars streaking by (like the show).

I think sometime down the line it would be nice to get a similar setup for our ship interiors. The nice enclosed (curved) windows and the moving stars. It would help make some of the ship rooms feel a little smaller and add some life and motion to the environment.

Right now the best (more ship like) window is in the ready room. Though, it's a little angular and not rounded.

It also wouldn't hurt to dim the lighting some (better yet, let me choose how dark some rooms are) so the outside looks more intense. Like the crew quarters of TNG.

Also I have some other ship interior suggestions in the link in my sig.

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