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# 1 PvP skill tree advice
06-03-2014, 09:05 AM
So I would like to hit the Pvp queues sometimes someday ( if there'll still be pvp queues then ... ) and I'd like to do that with a drain ship , not sure whether a Palisade or Recluse but probably a Recluse.
I've almost never pvped ... only 2 lucky rounds against a sci Vesta ( maybe the God of phasers helped me ... and they say phasers are horrible? )
So my experience is pretty PvE ... anyway I wouldn't call myself a noob and I have pulled out some nice DPS joining 10k and 20k channels although I do PUG or PESTF runs.
Since you all know that a respec is 500 zen and since you all know that, with all of these nerfs coming and upcoming, gotta be more careful with the zen / dil cash, I'd like some tips from you about pvp skilling which are not obvious at a first PvE glance : for instance, a friend told me to skill some good points in Threat Control ... at first I was like what? Then I realized that since you are not dealing with dumb NPCs, you would just get a bonus dmg resistance.
I already know that I should max out FlowCaps, weapons training, energy weapons ( polaron of course ) , hull, integrity and so forth ...
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# 2
06-03-2014, 03:03 PM

There is a basic drain build for a pallisade.

Change out 1-2 armor/sci consoles for the pallisade console(s) if you wish of course. Doffs you can run pretty much anything... most important likely 2-3 deflector cool down doffs so you can keep your Siphen Tykens GW at global. After that you can do as you like really... Dmg Control for EPTx, Torp doffs for dmg, I guess even tac team doffs... a Aux to Damp anti matter doff would be nice as well.

Keep your speed up... cycle your target subs.

Most important if you are going to fly any drainer watch for hazards. Best class to drain with is sci... likely the only class really. Subnuke is a great way to make sure people are not clearing your drains. Hazards clears Tykesn and Siphen... so wait for it to drop... or wait until you see a hazards or two up before nuking someone. Drain them only after they have been nuked... wait 1-2s so lag doesn't kill your debuffs.

This is a great link that gives you a good break down of what every point does for you... you will see somethings I don't spec more then 6 in... there are a lot of things that are just not worth points 7 8 9.
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