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This thread is aimed to be a comprehensive list of content for the Klingon Faction that is either In Development (the devs are aware of it but may not be workong on it at this time [i.e. its on any of the engineering report lists]), Bugs, Missing (content that should be available to KDF but isn't) amd Ideas (ideas/concepts by us for new/proprosed/modified content).

Please note I will not be re-posting where I can avoid it, so for things like known ship issues I'll simply be linking to the appropriate threads that already contain the info.

Please keep complaints and heated discussions to other threads to ensure this one remains helpful to both us (the players) and the devs.

In Development
  • Design/Concept: Crafting for Klingons
  • Development: New Episodes for Klingon factions
  • Development: Ships: Nausicaan Faction Ship
  • Development: Ships: New Crytpic Design Klingon Ship
  • Development: Ships: Orion Faction Ship
  • Development: Ships: Vor'cha Refit
  • Development: New Gorn customization options
  • Under Investigation: Klingon Players not receiving the Sword of Kahless reward item after completing the appropriate mission

  • Bridge Interriors: Gaps visible in walls on certain KDF bridges
  • Bridge Interriors: Players do not properly fit Captain's chairs (hands/arms dissapear through arm rests)
  • Expanse Fleet Missions: Completes after only 1/3 objectives reached
  • Nebula/Expanse Missions: Scanning for Objectives does not find destroy objective
  • Ships: Errors and Inconsistencies on all KDF ship models. See: http://forums.startrekonline.com/sho...d.php?t=163481

  • Clothing: Greater clothing customisation options
  • Clothing: Lieutenant General Rank Sash
  • Clothing: Major General Rank Sash
  • Clothing: Off-duty clothing options
  • Equipment: Missing buff pet (KDF equiv of Tribbles)
  • Minigames: Klingon Diplomacy
  • Minigames: Scanning
  • Misc: Greater selection of Bridge Officers (i.e. Trill, Ferengi, etc)
  • Misc: K't'inga shelf trophy (as aposed to current K't'inga refit trophy)
  • Nebula/Expanse Missions: Lack of non-combat missions (i.e. scan enemy weapons as aposed to destroy enemy weapons)
  • Rewards: KDF Veteran Rewards
  • Ships: K'Vort Class Bird of Prey
  • Ships: B'Rel refit
  • Ships: K't'inga refit
  • Ships: Raptor refit
  • Visible Armour (based on equipment)
  • Visible Personal Kit
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# 2
09-03-2010, 05:02 AM
Ideas and Concepts

Clothing Options (Uniform)
Clothing Options (Off-duty)
Ship Interriors
  • Allow force fields in Brig to be turned off/on by all players
  • Add barrels of blood wine to mess hall
  • Add replicator to mess hall
  • Reduce amount of Crew
  • Reduce scale of Klingon Tables (they are too tall)
  • Add a combat arena for dueling (possibly swap it for the brig which is currently useless) on Crew deck
  • Add un-used Bridge Officers to appropriate locations (i.e. Engineering BO's not on the bridge appear in Engineering)
  • Add Torpedo launch room to Engineering deck (KDF version of room seen in Star Trek: II/Star Trek VI aboard Enterprise)
  • Add poker table to Mess Hall to allow KDF players to play up-coming Poker mini game

  • Rename "Bird of Prey" Class to Scout Class
  • Rename "Raptor" Class to Heavy Scout Class

  • Sabotage Mission System http://forums.startrekonline.com/sho...d.php?t=179002
  • Non-Combat missions for Expanse/Nebula - i.e. scan/observe enemy tech
  • 'Aide The Planet' style missions for KDF but instead if 'aiding', 'smuggling' - the planet needs certain items identicaly to Aide the Planet, but the KDF player has to battle through ships on a space map, or through NPC's on a ground map, to reach the target to deliver the goods to

Klingon House (Diplomacy) Systems
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# 3
09-03-2010, 05:03 AM
Contributions by:

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# 4
09-03-2010, 05:04 AM
Obviously the above lists are in-complete, so please help me fill them out

I'll be updating as often as possible, so if you want something added, post and let me know, especialy in regards to the ideas.
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# 5
09-03-2010, 08:02 AM
Added a bunch more stuff to the lists, and am starting to go through other posts to add other people's contributions as well as ensuring they get added to a list of contributors
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# 6
09-03-2010, 08:58 AM
A lot of good ideas in that list, I could do with pretty much all of that. I'm particularly interested by the House system and would like to see standing linked not only to PvP but to combat missions in general (albeit to a lesser degree, perhaps) so that a General has higher standing (at least in terms of RP) than a relatively untried Lt. Moving forward I could see this tied into a sort of meta contest between the Houses possibly including 'control' of territory within the Empire in some fashion; all are ostensibly loyal to the Empire but some areas may be more heavily influenced by one house or another ... and if the Fleet/House bases ever come to pass the House's main holding could be placed there.
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# 7
09-04-2010, 10:18 AM
Yes si, thank you for adding a few of my glitches to the list of things to work on...now it's time for them to get crackin' on it...

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