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# 1 Leveling Feedback (Fed side)
09-22-2010, 12:42 PM
A friend of mine was referred to STO by me (He just received his 100 day accolade) and he made some comments about how leveling works and it struck me as interesting. I'm no stranger to MMOs, so I know generally how mechanics work and the best way to level. It's never a surprise to me when I reach x goal mark by y timeperiod because that's the expectations I set for myself.

But, the comment he made was that he leveled too quickly from Captain to Rear Admiral. The earlier levels, by comparison, took a lot longer. It took me a while to consider the variables needed to make that true for someone new to MMOs and this game. I didn't want my own factors to interfere since I have a better working knowledge than he does of what to expect and how to plan for future levels/gear/progression. Indeed, I didn't get involved for the most part except to make skills suggestions and to answer how weapons worked in general.

The issue seems to be twofold:

One, the skill points needed to advance from Captain to Rear Admiral appears to be too low. Less than the ratio required for other levels.

Two, the mission rewards give a greater percentage of awarded skill points than is perhaps proportional to other levels. (Note, I am not proposing to make the points identical to previous levels - but proportional and adjusting in relation to the relative values rather than absolute.)

It seems that the suggestion to address this might be to slightly reduce the awarded points per mission in the Captain/Rear Admiral bracket and increase the skill point values required to reach the next rank/grades.

However, this particular issue would also highlight an existing gap: There is simply not a lot of content post RA2 outside of TFs and Star Cluster explorations (exempting the Deferi weekly episodes as it is accessible at all levels beyond 10).

So, my proposal would be that if we enter UGC into the mix, we should also take the aforementioned steps (increase skill points required to reach each grade within the captain and beyond grades/ranks and slightly reduce the amount of skill points rewarded). This would have the effect of keeping the Captain to VA (and beyond in future major content updates) progression comparable to other levels (indeed, one should tend to be a captain a bit longer than a couple of days even without top of the line gear) and allowing more content to be experienced in the gap that is currently missing.
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# 2 Ya your right.
09-25-2010, 09:36 AM
I got agree but I'm going to take it one step further and say that you level to quick on the fed side period.

I have just returned to STO (As of yesterday).
I left because I started playing on the day of release and was rear admiral within a week. After I hit the max level there wasn't much to do. Not many others were admiral yet and there still wasn't really any content for max level players yet.
All I ended up doing at max level was help out guildies get there quests done.

I decided to try out the klingon side and whoa, what a change.
There was PvP only for Klingons at this point in the game and to even get to the next rank was a big challenge.

It seemed at the start that the Fed side had a huge lead in development/ progression.
The Klingon side took so much more playtime to level.
I'm really hoping that some of this is now fixed. I'm happy to see some Klingon ground/ Pve missions.
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# 3
09-25-2010, 07:58 PM
I found leveling my Federation captains to be slower, but then I am saving most of the non-repeating story missions, and only doing those that can be repeated.

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