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Hi everyone!

Tomorrow morning from 6:30 AM PDT, to 7:30 AM PDT, we will be bringing down the Star Trek Online Website and Forums in order to perform maintenance. Our Support Sites will continue to remain down for an unknown length of time while we work to ensure that the update to that section of the website is performed perfectly.

When the support site returns, you will be able to contact a billing representative using our new Live Chat feature from 9am to 9 PM Pacific Time, and have the ability to search our knowledge base quickly for answers to many common issues. We will also have streamlined the process required to submit a support ticket, making it even easier to get in touch with a Cryptic Studios Support Representative.

Our Customer Service Team will continue to work to respond to your tickets throughout this maintenance period, and should you require support, you will still be able to submit tickets in-game just as you always can.

Thank you for your patience during this downtime.

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09-07-2010, 05:41 PM
Awesome. Let's hope I am actually asleep by that time so I don't go mad being unable to lurk my favorite forum. :p But it's only an hour.. I can wait..
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09-07-2010, 07:40 PM
Any chance the "My Characters" page will resume updates after this?
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09-08-2010, 11:29 AM
Dibs on a Klingon Ship List!!! Qapla!

Second to that: Breen and Defera Species pages for the Species Intelligence listings.

Third: Update your "Places of Interest" for once.

Fourth: Update the Sovereign and Noble ship pages to display screencaps and vids properly.

Fifth: Give us the ability to display our BOFF's status under "My Characters" under each Captain you've got. I want my well-written BOFF bios to show up with my captains since everyone's got a unique story, but everyone works under the same group, some are freelancers, some are military. I want my BOFF's to have the same biographies displayed under each captain we all run. It's fair play, right now, we just get some stupid LIST of each captain's BOFF's??? Stupid.

Sixth: Allow us to travel across the Sol System and Qo'nos as you PROMISED US MONTHS AGO IN A PRIOR UPDATE. You GAVE YOUR WORD we could explore the planets of OUR OWN FACTION'S STAR SYSTEM! This may not count towards Fed/KDF member species of course, but even a Klingon would find things to appreciate on Earth or someplace else in the star system, you could even have another Terra-Nova styled event where it gives like 50+ diplomatic points instead of the usual lousy 10 all the time, it's high-near impossible to reach Ambassador unless that is your entire game: Exploration, which of course nullifies the weekly episodes and the 'super special' rewards we get for doing it before the next episode cycle comes into play, fortunately I have just enough time left to run over from Pi Canis to tank these missions, but I fear my rewards are going to be nil at Commander ranks even on Advanced/Elite where I always play my game since Normal is pedantic and just plain boring, I mean, Advanced/Elite has more spawns, and the drop quality vs. drop rate is not equal, sure, we get drops like mad, but they are WHITE ITEMS?? I mean, sure, some of those items people pay big for on Exchange because they want to spec into them to hit ALL the weapon damage accolades, I have all phaser and disruptor and plasma accolades now, I have all the anti-KDF racial accolades from killing too many enemies and dropping/repeating missions to stack those up, Naussican missions are the worst because they are so few in number it takes forever to land the damage bonuses against them like everyone else on KDF...Plasma Torps work wonders with the new Excelsior against PVE since they are nearly never shot down by AI on any mode, and if you time things right, you can use your LT. Commander Tac to use FAW-3 to rip enemies to bits with disruptor fire right before you hit high yield 2, then use tac team 1 if biofunction consoles aren't enough to keep your crew at orange at all times. As long as it's orange, they contribute to dual engineering team 2's just fine.

Sorry for the last part, little tactical training for those that think the T5 Excelsior is worthless, oh, and let's not forget: Transwarp to SECTOR SPACES is uber, just plain uber, combine that with slipstream IN sectors and transwarp from Ambassador ranks to dump inventory stuff and fill that bank up, and the ship bloody goes anywhere on the galaxy map that is worth heading to. With a 3rd Tac slot, the ship is bloody bad-ass to Tactical Cruiser drivers no matter what your equipment is like most of the time. We can also choose to stack up a higher-tier Attack Pattern or HYT-3 or others, Tac Team 1 is essential for me because of crew things, sure, brace-3+aux to damps 2 or 3 nulls crew losses and biofunction console combined with the best halon takes care of that mess on it's own, stack in 2-3 armor consoles and 1 eps flow to warp right into a fight and still survive if you have the right power settings and use non-engine effiency/performance skills, you can easily max shielding (Use resilient with 2x cap, 1 reg, or try to land one that resists both phaser and disruptor at once with a 1x cap 1x reg if you want to be ready for 95% of enemies you run into short of Borg and 8472, which are both jokes against any experienced Tac Cruiser captain, I eat Cubes in ONE attack run, I FAW them to junk with DBB's and an array, usually tetryons since disruptors are normally best against non-borg that have low shield regens, attack pattern beta 2 or 3 combos nicely with disruptor beams and cannons, but I've seen what FAW does to ONE target, much less what it does to any freeloaders trying to t-bone you with stupid flanking trash. One target FAW-3=No Shields and depending on weapon type, very, very high chance of Proc due to rate-of-fire compared to normal beam fire rate, like Rapid Fire-3 for DC and DHC mongers, except it's a Death Blossom Rapid Fire-3 since it also fires off the rear arrays to intercept Static Klinks trying to crawl up your impulse manifolds )...

Maxing weapons is great, and now that many heals rely on Aux, save all the engine power boosts for shields, weapons, and aux...Combine dual engineering team 2 and primary engineer gets Aux to Damps 2/3 and Aux to SIF 2/3 depending on if you roll Aux to Damps or not (Damps makes Cruisers into Escorts immediately, stops crew loss regardless of consoles or Brace-3, and swallows even full-tilt Tricobalt Torps whole without any real damage, and your speed and turn rates go clear through the roof, combo with Pattern Alpha-3 and they get SO hosed in PVP, Star Cruisers and Negh'Var use these tactics so often it's not even funny in PVP anymore, and you TRANSWARP across the map if you head in a straight line from everyone, and people assume you've got Full Impulse while shooting at people and having full power status and start GM'ing you as a hacker until I hand over my FRAPS (always do this in PVP to prevent n00b hate-spam to GM's, trust me, it's saved my ass too many times to recall, it's over 30 reports so far, but they saw the vids and figured out I was not hacking the second they saw my trick, and one GM actually got angry at the n00b that called me a cheater and suspended him for like 3 days, hehe, take that Sai N00bot ) videos...

Engine power in engineering is ONLY needed if you're looking to max it for Hyper-Impulse drive cores, I use Combat cores because once you hit 49 (you can do this while still a mere LT if you have your Borg BOFF and carefully adjust your Joined Trill's engineering/warp core stats, but take Resilient and Techie as a Tactical Joined Trill Captain, trust me, with the innate health regen and some armor that has innate shield/health regen, you'll be hard to stop when you land those Squad Support kits, and every single fleet you come across will spam an Invite to you just because you are experienced (In my case, I have been gaming since the age 3 on the Atari-400, first PC at 5 with a Packhard Hell, no hard disks, no color monitors, no stupid RAM, no rubbers, no women, all it was was 5-1/4 floppies and ****! Er, sorry for the Alien 3 line, I know it was a bad film and all, but I actually liked it, and let's not forget AVP-3 or the re-launch of AVP as I call it now takes off from the Alien 3 storyline according to what they had to say about it.

I'm gonna SO love the new Predator film, there were like 30+ of those suckers all locking t3h pain-bringer plasma cannons onto one guy alone, much less the other guys who survived the jungles to finally meet these totally bad-arse aliens on their own planet...No more stupid AVP where Predators made Xenomorphs because the first ship discovered carrying a Xenomorph was way bigger than the gargantuan battleship in the new game, and the alien seen running the ship was wayyyyy *NOT* Predator...The film will wipe out the previous films which were TOTALLY HOSED, the second one in particular was the worst, sure, like a Predator isn't going to notice a nice huge tractor-trailer full of humans that is emitting a huge energy signature right in it's feeding ground...Uh huh ...

AVP films, first was good, second, no. It does finally tie-in the Yutani thing with Weyland Industries, but I bet Yutani had no clue how far Weyland went with cybernetics at that time, probably not until he showed up and told her to get in line since HE found them first and spent his first life dealing with it, with honor. The Predator killed him simply because he knew he was already gone and wanted him to die with honor despite the backstab, Predator probably saw it coming instinctively...Why a Predator would bother helping out a weakling human girl is beyond me, especially to the point where she provided the Predator no real help to speak of, as he was the one who nailed the kill-shot and drowned/froze the Queen, but of course, Weyland's people or Yutani's would have recovered that frozen Queen and kept her frozen, but studying it anyway, which is why Yutani hosed up AVP-2 so much, her research was flawed.

Anyway, sorry about off-topic, but PLEASE, get the Klink ships listed somewhere no matter how long it takes, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let our BOFF's be clickable so their bios can be read by all of us RP fanboys....
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09-09-2010, 03:17 AM
just me, but 1 hour maintenance listed site unreachable for like a day? At least for me I could get a hold of it for 12+ hours.
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09-09-2010, 06:10 AM
Site maintenance gone awry :p Expired Labor Day C-Store special is back !

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