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# 1 KDF Refits or lack off
09-07-2010, 08:54 PM
you know what, as the kdf we get the quest to help the romys defend against the borg and then nick there tech, well whilst the feds might be against using captured tech we most defo are not, this goes along with tech we nick from the undine, so for the refits have borg or undine retrofitted ships that we have at tier 5 and you just work out what skills would fit along those lines. like phasing out of space instead of cloak and borg boarding party, that type of thing.

When i say tier 5, i dont mean give us undine ships and borg cubes, i mean use the ships we have a t5 now and plumb them up with borg/undine tech, and then have the gorn ship and the other coming be varient t5 ships like the feds have refits and varients.

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