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The idea here is to create something that is uniquely Klingon, and something that makes it worthwhile to play as a Klingon. This is something that would appeal to those of us who would play a Klingon.

what: In ground combat missions when you engage a fed NPC squad there's a chance that one of the lower rank NPCs will surrender when the rest of their buddies are dead (possibly when theres 2 or 3 left but they're clearly loosing.) The sniveling coward will become yellow and cease attacking. (destructible/interactive) If you continue attacking them you'll execute them... no difference. If you interact with them, they'll be transported to your ship.

Cowards remain on your ship for 1-8 hours of playing time, during this time they will be serving drinks/cleaning in the bar. You may change their clothing for the amusement of the crew (any outfit on a coward is funny and will generate a chuckle from any nearby crew member) Predictably the federation is actually willing to pay a processing fee to get their cowards back. (5*lvl energy credits maybe) Returning the cowards is non-negotiable, you get the credits, the miscreant goes home, and an entry is made in a log somewhere.

Justification: This is generally frowned on but the KDF allows it for a few reasons.
1. It's funny
2. If the Fed really wants their trash, who are we to tell them no. It's not like it'll hurt us.
3. It might help weaken the Fed and win the war quicker. On to fighting the Borg.

The Empire does not allow personal slaves or POWs. Should a KDF captain take this course, the Empire has specific rules that must be followed.
1. You cannot spare the squad leader, if he/she's so dishonorable then death cannot come soon enough.
2. This only applies to cowards who willingly surrender. Should the coward at any later point request an honorable death, they must fight for it, but Feds are predictable and this won't happen.
3. The Empire does not do ransom, the cowards must be returned to the Fed at the standard processing rate to spread the corruption.
4. No Warriors of the KDF will accept any gifts from a captured coward, and no captured cowards are allowed to be used to preform nontrivial functions during they're stay aboard KDF vessels. (they can't fix you're cloaking device, just mop the floor wearing something only an Orion would be comfortable in)

Why: Because we players might create a thread where we compete to get as many cowards in our ships as possible, w/screenshots. No seriously this would be fun, and it'd be uniquely Klingon.

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