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# 1 Marks of Honor @ VA1
09-11-2010, 11:20 AM
Dstahl and the devs: I am very happy with the changes that have gone into the game and I'm very happy to finally have my first toon at VA!!

However, I was very disappointed to find that I can no longer earn Marks of Honor, thereby preventing me from getting my Mk X Covariant Capx3 shield with my 45 marks, while the shield itself costs 52!! Sigh... that shield is the only shield that will give my crusier/eng captain over 8,000 shield points and I'm kinda all about getting the next bump up in better gear.

While I'm not flaming mad, I do find it quite limiting and somewhat unfair for my week plus of grinding of marks only to find that I can't get it. Dstahl and devs please either bring back the Makrs of honor reward missions at VA rank OR let be able to acquire the shield from some other means, even emblems!

Dstahl and Devs: you guys have been all about giving us options and now this option has been blocked to me, which makes me sigh very heavily. Please, try to find a solution to this as it would substantially lighten my outlook on options in STO. Please?


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