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First of all, it's a nice pace to have a non-combat mission...and I like having to find out which combination is correct, it's fun. I liked it when I transported material to K-7, and I liked it in Cold Comfort. Good stuff.

The biggest praise of the episode...dialog boxes. As me and my team are reading through the dialog of the first patient, some of us get to the end and patiently wait for others to read because we'd hate to advance the story without them. Then, we start realizing, we have our own seperate instances of the dialog's. If I activate one, it doesn't pop up for the rest of the team. If someone else clicks the green, the rest of us can read. We had already entered the instance on edge realizing we were going to have to be careful with what we clicked on, and now we didn't have made it a lot less stressfull.

Some of the questions that you got to axe the Breen were just similar enough to make you think about which one you should click on. The difficulty was great.

Also...whoever did the research about gathering medical on.
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09-12-2010, 01:07 PM
-----Spoiler alert-----

I loved this mission. One thing however I wished would have been different was this:

I enjoyed that in the end you could potentially fail. But in the beginning we gave the patient the medication he was allergic to just to see what would happen. and there was a fail safe that just said "well we are ready for mistakes like this. all is well." I feel that it would have added some more fun if you could possibly lose your patient if you mess up, and fail the mission.

But this is nitpicking. this weeks episode was simply awesome. And whoever is putting this together needs a pat on the back. and the writing was a lot of fun to read.

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