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# 1 Cannot Transfer Character!!!!
09-13-2010, 04:20 PM
I posted that if the problem was resolved for me i would leave evidence of the solution so that if someone else was unfortunate to have the same issue that could find something posted ACTUALLY worth reading. Jonah and I were stuck for sometime. The GM that did finally helped me was under the impression that our characters were bugged in some way. suffice it to say after we both waited about a week stuck in the sol system.... THE PATCH is what finally freed us. IF you are in this situation where you cannot transfer instances BE AWARE there may be nothing that can be done until another GAME PATCH is completed. Please note that I personally was able to use my other characters and that only one character was "infected". I want to add that neither jonah or myself were reimbursed for the time lost. Cryptics reasoning for this was that we could of used different characters. I would like to end by pointing out there have been players who have encoutered this same issue during FREE TRIAL who didnt get help and players who JUST BEGAN the game who experienced the same issue ( i mention this to point out they wouldnt have had other officers to simply switch over to). I don't agree that just because jonah and I had alternate characters we should not have been reimbursed for the time lost unable to play the characters we wanted to choose to play. But for the other two groups of unfortunate players I hope something was done for them. SPECIAL THANK YOU to INDIGO FYRE, the GM that did respond to me in game. He's very kool and I was very happy to have met him. This post obviously isnt an answer to the problem but I hope it at least serves to ease and inform the mind of players reading this; unfortunate enough to find themselves in the same situation we once were.

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