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I currently use a tactical captain in an MVAM advanced escort. I recently respec'd and dropped Energy Weapon Efficiency from 5 down to zero since I typically attack with 125/100 weapon power setting. However, since this last change, I have also noticed increased difficulty in killing enemy targets in pvp.

Here are my questions:

1) How does Energy Weapon Efficiency affect weapon power level after the initial opening volley with weapon power setiing at 100 but present weapon power less than 75?

2) how does EWE interact with Beam Target Weapons energy drain?

Thanks for your time and input!
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07-29-2011, 09:38 AM
I also asked these two questions in game, and no one present seemed to have answers either.

Do efficiency skills trigger based on current system power setting or present total? Do efficiency skills help minimize power drained by beam target subsystem attacks?

Any Devs or Other official cryptic reps available to answer?
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07-29-2011, 10:58 AM
1) The Efficiency Skill work based on your selected base setting, not on the modified setting.
2) IT doesn't affect drain.

Detailed explanation on energy management and the efficiency skills can be found in the Academy forums.

If you recently got trouble killing NPCs, it was most likely not Weapon Efficiency that changed it. What else did you change? Different weapons, different skils?

Did you get a new ship? A new ship uses the balanced energy setting.
Did you get new weapons? Are you still trained in them (especiallyafter the respec)?

Did anything happen or change that would also affect the type of players you face in PvP?
- Did you advance to a new tier? (Leading to fight new players, possibly more experienced)
- Did you start playing at a different time (possibly fighting QEW or TSI more often?)

Generally, if you have trouble killing something in PvP, it may just be that you fight different opponents then usual. Two days ago I fought only two types of matches - either cakewalks against some PuGs (with fleet mates at my side), or against TSI (Still with fleet mates at my side, but now suddenly fighting hard to get in 1-2 lucky kills.)
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07-29-2011, 11:13 AM
Thanks for the answers!

None of the relevant variables have changed other than the opponents, so I am guessing that the more recent ones simply had better defenses.

EDIT: the tests I ran yesterday produced strange results. When Target Subsytem Weapons 1 were used vs my stationary ship, weapon power dropped from 125 down to 100 (zero energy weapon efficiency). When Target Engines 1 was used vs 30 engine setting, power dropped to 25 (at +5 engine efficiency). I'm guessing power drain values vary depending on the subsystem being attacked.

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