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Now, first and foremost, I'd like to let this be know.

I'm primarily a Tac
I primarily use shotguns on my Tac
I primarily use Operative kits on my Tac

That said, I noticed the following and have a suggestion.

While doing friendly PvP with a friend of mine who's an engineer. I ran right through his chroniton mine barrier while in operative cloak. Mines went off, slowed me down, but I stayed cloaked. I found this odd. Later, I did the same thing, only my friend had set up a Transphasic bomb and when it went off I came out of cloak. So here's an idea.

Have chroniton mines bring Tac's out of cloak. If I go through a mine field while cloaked and get knocked on my *** it stands to reason my cloak should fail. If I start getting hit while cloaked in space I start to decloak and I think this is a good thing. I mean it makes sense for the cloak to go offline so the ship can mount a defense. Same for a operative, i mean I can't run away or fight back while cloaked. Also if i'm hit by the mines the Engineer should get a free "shoot me" moment.

Additionally the mines should be destroyable. If you see them you should be able to shoot them and destroy them so you can safely move on. Just a few suggestions.

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