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12-25-2010, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by StormShade
4 things:

1) I personally responded to your first ticket several days ago. I've also personally placed it back into the "CS Replied" state so you may reply to it again.

2) Your second ticket was regarding your first ticket, which is why it was closed.

3) Once a CS/Community Rep Responds to a ticket you have a couple of days to respond before we consider the issue resolved.

4) No moderator or OCR on these forums will review disputes regarding infractions they give out. I review disputes which which were given out by our moderation team, and either another OCR, or my supervisor reviews infractions given by me.

So, I think it's fair to say we don't play fast and loose with the rules.



GMD responded to my request for a reversal of infraction points as per your recommendation. Sadly his response did not address my argument principle at all but simply informed me that others cant see the points and reversed one (by the person who issued it without any of this hoop jumping) will still be there but not count. Moreover he closed the ticket without affording me any opportunity to respond to his post.

As far as the Online Help goes, well, I purchased all the items for the last Fed pack because I did not see the pack listed. After all I try to support you guys as much as possible and buy everything in the store on top of my LtS and several full price retail key licenses and that does not even count the hundreds of dollars I spent on setting up a fleet domain and other community support services but I digress again...

Anyway once I discovered the pack, a mere five minutes later, I decided to use the live service to ask for the package price and see what would happen. After about forty minutes of dealing with someone who was clearly over burdened, the official response was "we can't do that nor can we refund you the item prices". I was was not told the reason why this was so. I was simply given a polite sorry nothing I can do brush off. Consequently, I can only assume there is marketing genius somewhere in the mix behind the scenes. Now with that said, I really did not care about the money as it only a couple dollars. I simply wanted to see what type of experience I would have using the new service.

On a side note, I was not aware you worked for a GM as the CM for the forums.

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