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09-15-2010, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by boglejam View Post
I like all of them but this one....

That just seems like a little too much. You'd have the equivalent of 16 beam array's thrown down for 30 seconds with just a minute between them? Its like having three or four extra teammates for 30 seconds....and then repeating it a minute later? Feds can do fleet support to get more firepower, but they don't get 16 beam arrays and it has a helluva long cool down. And it can't be used until the hull is under 50% anyway.
Ummm....Photonic Fleet anybody? How about a Sci officer in an advanced cruiser -- photonic fleet + saucer seperation + fleet suppport...

suddenly, 16 mine-like temporary drones that stay stationary to the host ship does not sound so OP after all, eh?

And look at carriers -- they have up to eight fighters. Those fighter last until destroyed, which makes them better than a temporary ability....but still, the precedent is there....and all of those fighters fire...photons. Yep. Torps.

Maybe 16 is too much after all. 12 is maybe a more workable number....
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09-16-2010, 12:07 PM
I don't really have an issue with 16 as much as the cool down time. Doing that every other minute is a bit crazy, don't you think?
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09-16-2010, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by ZTempest
Of course, some are going to think that these are overpowered...but let's be candid...any special ability given to the KDF is going to cause all sorts of angst no matter what....
Some of the ideas might be hard to implement. Some are kind of overpowered. But I like the creativity. I like the imagination being shown. And think this thread is great as it gives a starting point for what to do. Some tweaking and arguing over the details is probably needed, but so what ... Kudos for taking the initiative and putting these ideas out there.

/em salute

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