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# 1 New War Game!
09-17-2010, 03:54 AM
Ok, I get it... we've decrypted the borg transmissions... O say... 5000 times. And, we have rendered their repair facilities useless innumerably to the point that the Borg should have fully abandoned the Alpha Quadrant all together. It is time for a new War Game map - one that is more exciting and less... uninteresting.

I would like to put forth, therefore, an idea which I have had brewing in my mind for a few months... one which I didn't think I would have to announce because I had thought it so obvious that Cryptic should already have done it - to have painted the skies with epic battle as is the very purpose of online games. So, here it goes...

There should be a new wargame map in which there are only the klingons and the Federation. And, each group will have a starbase on their side. They will have defenses, such as mines and turrets, and the starbases will have destructible components.

The goal is that the Klingons and the Feds must destroy eachother's starbases, and whomever does this first... WINS! There will be no annoying borg to distract from the constant slaughtering of players, and people will be allowed to join and leave as they please.

The starbase compenents, ofcourse, must be well defended, and should be embedding inside the starbases themselves. Destructible doors will keep them safe, so that a person must first destroy the doors, fly inside, and then destroy the starbase's internal components - section by section. There should be multiple internal components as well, and the doors will only open for allies. Placing turrets and mines in the close vicinity of components will ensure that the components cannot be attacked without resistance. Shielding the components will ensure a degree of resilience. And, the player respawn points should be inside the bases, so that respawned players will appear where they will most likely need to defend. Thus, ships will emerge from the starbase doors to join the fight.

To create the image of an enormous and epic battle, waged between two starbases over one system, computer controlled ships will be present en masse to aid in the starbase defenses, and will form a front line of computer controlled players so that the map will never be empty. It will be as if the entire fleets of the Klingon and Federation factions had clashed in this one - epic - ongoing battle to last the length of the war.

As with the current wargame there will be objectives.

(1) Destroy x number of ships.
(2) Destroy x number of turrets.
(3) Destroy enemy starbase.

Players will compete to accomplish these goals, and they will have the opportunity to impede their enemies. And, no one will ever go to the Kerrat system again.
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# 2
09-17-2010, 04:32 AM
At this point I'd be up for anything new. I'm sick of the borg now. I really don't like how enemies are tiered to a certain lvl. I have not killed a klingon in a long time. I thought we were at war with them.
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# 3
09-19-2010, 02:31 AM
I agree that there needs to be more space war maps. Maybe a Dominion or Romulan Shipyard that has to be raided or destroyed. Something along the line of the mission Worf, O'Brien, Martok, and Bashir did in the DS9 Episode "SHadows and Symbols".

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