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I've head this idea for a bit in my head.. a sort of epic story line (can't think of a better name for it) that involves some, i don't know, maybe 10 to 15 chained missions, in which some of them you can do solo and others need a group to gather clues/solve the mystery/capture the bad guy/save the universe/diplomatic stuff,etc. You could do the whole chain of missions with a group too of course.

Solo parts are just like any other missions, being in space fighting ships,exploring wrecks and the like. And the ground missions, gathering data from bases, capturing an enemy officer with important information, digging for data on computers, etc.

And the group part (and i mean a group composed of fleet members/players doing the same epic mission) will have to split to accomplish the mission. A part will have to stay in orbit to fight ships and the other part will have to beam down to get info/clues/capture someone (while slugging it out also of course) or go to a different system, once they get the info, the party on the ground would receive the info needed to complete their part of the mission, or vice versa.

This also could be expanded as the group having to split in two to visit two different systems (not necessarily in same space sector) to gather information needed for the mission and once info is gathered the two groups need to go to the same system to get things solved for a new clue to the next mission.

The ground part of those that go down would be able to take BO's of course. Or maybe not.

Hmm.. boarding actions could fit here somewhere i am sure, a mission might be the need to capture a ship, or hostage, or important npc.

Rewards for everyone too, multiple weapon/armor/ship equipment/ship weapon/BO types.

and after having played all the way to VA with a couple of characters, i think there's a lot that can be done with what's already there in STO instead of getting new weekly stuff (don't get me wrong, i like it anyway). What i mean is that since you discovered that the remans were the culprits in the destruction of the romulan empire, why are not there missions to expose them to the romulans? while the remans work against the federation to avoid that. Discover undine infiltrators, work peace with the klingons (hard to do for sure), Borg seeking asylum from the collective, dunno, i see many mission opportunities here for that.

Also, Drake of Section 31, i would like to see more missions involving Drake and Sec31.

But i digress. So, that's my idea for a new type of chained missions.

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