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# 1 Suggested Fleet Action Fixes
09-17-2010, 11:20 PM
Cryptic, can you please fix these Fleet Actions?

Minefield (Federation): Klingons get to Scan only 1 asteroid to complete the daily, and they got cloaking devices. Federation players literally have to go through 50 Gorn Frigates to get to the scans. It's a terrible thing due to the fast respawns and low Daily playerbases. So can we have the Frigate Population reduced to a managable level and have better locations for these daily scans?

MineField (Klingon): Battleships are the Typhoons, and yet there are Dreadnaughts (virtually minibosses) in Battleship locations. Please make it Typhoons only or have the Dreadnaughts count as well.

Minefield 1: Mine ranges need reduced or have a self destruct when passing a certain distance, they are ending up scattered all over the place.

Minefield 2: The Respawn Location is in a bad spot for both Federation and Klingon versions.

Big Dig: Needs fixed altogether. Nobody on the Klingon side does it anymore, and few Federation players want to do it at Admiral Level, due to the time requirements. That and nobody likes the rewards.

Klingon Scout Mission (Federation): Theres an exploit that needs fixing.

Ice Mine (Klingon): Instances tend to be unstable with bad lag. Also the Water Pumps need to be per person like the Big Dig Plants. Because, it's very troublesome with people having to wait long periods for the consoles to be clickable.

DS9: People say this needs looked at again.

CE: Needs to be unnerfed so its fightable again without comitting 20 people to a 2 hour fight. (Would be a True Fleet instance if it had unique rewards).

Gekli: Needs tweeked.

P.S.: Borg are stuck in the Hubs again in Borg Hunt.

That is all. :p

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