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09-27-2010, 12:11 PM
You know what I would like?

Chairs that you can sit in without climbing up on top of them and doing spastic yoga, just so your ass ends up on the seat and not embedded in the nearest console.

You know, like chairs/benches/settees/other posterior accommodation devices they have in World of ********. They are all usable items, you just walk up to them and "use" them, and bam - your character automatically sits down on the object.

Yeah, I'd like that.
Lt. Commander
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I would also like to see the function of sitting on furniture much easier. This ballet of moving and jumping and such is getting boring.
Lt. Commander
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# 13
10-03-2010, 09:45 AM
The two MAIN things I am having a hard time wit that keeps me from ever going to my ship are the size of the interiors and the gfx of the computer terminals. It is like they are just the place holder and the dev team never got around to fine tuning them.

If you look at the cielings of the bridges they are amazing, I feel like im on the bridge if I look up but then I feel like im in a concert hall when I am sitting in the middle.

Even if there were bridge functionalitiy like accessing the navigation of your ship from a console would still drive me crazy if the console looked like a blue cut and paste large button console.

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