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I would like to know if anyone is running STO on a 13" MBP with Windows 7 under Boot Camp and what kind of performance they are getting. I realize the 320m is a crappy integrated card, and this is not my main machine to play the game on. I'm merely considering installing it and would like to know other people's experience.

Please no flame wars. I know (and agree) that PCs are better for gaming. I play STO at home on a desktop just fine but have recently gotten a 13" MBP for work. I just thought I'd give STO on the go a try if it can be done with decent settings under Boot Camp.

I have searched for this in the forums and on Google but have not found a satisfactory answer. If a thread already exists, please link me to it. Thanks.
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09-18-2010, 07:45 PM
I'm able to play STO on my laptop, which uses the much weaker 8200M G (although I have to run it at low res with min settings, or use half res but that looks horrible). So it should definitely be playable, might not look pretty though.
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09-21-2010, 01:02 PM
I play on my MBP 13" with a 320m... but I don't use Windows.

It runs decently, and is definitely playable, just have to keep some lower graphics settings. In Windows I'd expect it to run even faster. at the screens native 1280x800, with mid ranged graphics settings, I'd expect it to be playable.

Since it runs decently in Wine, I have no intention of Installing Windows to test it out though.

While the 320m is an IGP, its far from crappy.. its the fastest IGP currently in existence... and its like 10X faster than any Intel IGP, and gives the Geforce 9600GT in my older Macbook Pro a run for its money.
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07-20-2011, 09:29 AM
Hey, doh. My computer specs are the same as yours. I'm playing on a 13" MacBook Pro with the same graphics card. However, every time i try and start playing the game, my computer freezes at the loading screen. I hear the music and then distorted colors appear all over the screen.

I downloaded the unofficial mac version from your post on that thread. version 1.3.1 And I followed the directions to the letter. Not sure what to do. Could it be a graphics problem? If so, what should I lower my graphics settings to?

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