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# 1 Things the game needs.
09-19-2010, 11:41 PM
I've been playing for some time, and I have a list of things I'd like to see in the game. Some are very important, some are really pretty trivial, but I'll list them all. This is not a complete list, and it's not in any order. I may add to it later.

1. Planets need to be populated, both by native animals and by colonists, as appropriate. I keep going to colonies to investigate murders and there's never a soul to be found, just buildings.

2. Major planets, like Vulcan, Andor and Deferi should have towns and people, and should have the amenities. That means tailors, banks, stores and so on.

3. Major planets should have things to do and places to go. For instance, Earth might have the option of going to the Eiffel Tower, on Vulcan you could go to Mount Seleya, and so on.

4. You should enter your bridge from the turbolift when you are coming from other decks or some space location.

5. You should enter your ship's interior in the transporter room when entering from a ground location.

6. You should have more control over the decor of your cabin and ready room.

7. You should not be beaming from your ship's interior unless from the transporter room.

8. You should not tap your chest if you're beaming from a transporter pad.

9. There should be a selection of rooms for your Engineering/Labs/etc. on your ship, just as we have a selection of Bridges.

10. Ship interiors need to be rescaled, they're still far, far too big.

11. Scientific research is about solving puzzles, and so it should be in the game. Research missions should be about solving puzzles, and should require some time and thought. I suggest the devs go look at some of the older Star Trek games, like A Final Unity.

12. We should be able to use diplomacy to avoid combat in ANY mission. It shouldn't be a guarantee, but it should be possible.

13. Diplomacy missions should require DIPLOMACY. It's not diplomacy just because you don't kill anything.

14. Put 10 slots on the taskbar in space. There's no reason for it to be limited to 8.

15. More missions with empty space, the clouds and debris are damn near omnipresent.

16. There should be random events in sector space, like storms and distress calls.

17. Exploration missions should be generated randomly, with numerous possible variables (I've described this in detail elsewhere.

18. We should have more costume slots, one each for Uniform, Dress Uniform, Off-Duty, Environment Suit, and Recreational (swimwear, for example).

19. We need recreational activities, like playing music (check out the Lord of the Rings Online for an AWESOME music system), playing Poker, Chess, Parrisses Squares and so on.

20. We need our away teams to be able to participate in our away missions. I should be able to have my Science Officer do scans in my place, for example.

21. We should NEED to use our away team for tasks on away missions. This would involve making certain tasks for specific classes (eg. scanning biological things would require a Science Officer, scanning technology would require an Engineer).

22. Put the WALK command on a TOGGLE.

23. Have the away team walk when we do.

24. We should be able to choose how many members to take on any away team. Don't force us to have teams of 5 for every mission.

25. Let us choose to take generic NPCs on away teams if we want. How many times did we see Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Ensign Smith...?

26. Make fights more fair. At present, there are many foes that are FAR beyond our capabilities. If he's a Klingon, he should have attributes like any other Klingon his level. Foes shouldn't have 5 times my health or shielding unless there's a reason for it. That's lazy programming to cover a weak AI.

27. Our abilities should DO something. Unless they heal or do damage, our skills and abilities do practically nothing. It can take 100 butt-ends to knock down a foe. 90% of the time, Tachyon Harmonics do NOTHING to enemies, yet THEIR Tachyon Harmonics wipe out our entire team's shields and knock us all down, every time. We need parity, we need consistency.

28. Away team members do a FRACTION of the damage the PC characters do. They're using the same weapons, they should do the same damage. This is also true of enemies. They should have the SAME abilities as we do, at the same potency. We need PARITY and CONSISTENCY.

29. We need a full range of expose and exploit weapons for each type of weapon. For example, there are no Federation Hand Phasers that have an Exploit function, only Stunners and Wide Baemers. For Exploits, I'm forced to use Rifles or Civilian Bolt Phasers. There should be expose and exploit weapons for all types of rifles AND pistols.

30. We should be able to bring some of our crew to non-mission locales, like DS9 or Risa.

31. Scanning of objects should be more complex and interactive. The waveform thing is a weak effort that wouldn't challenge a 5 year old.

32. In the Alpha Centauri sector, there are NO Romulans in Romulan space, they're all in Federation Space. It should be the other way around.

33. We should be able to select a uniform for generic crew. It's disruptive to walk down the corridor you your ship and be the only one in a Wrath of Khan era uniform.

34. We should be able to upgrade existing lower tier ships. For example, I can't really use my TOS Constitution as I level up, because the equipment remains weaker, and there are no BO slots to speak of. If we could upgrade ships, that would allow us to keep using ships we like. We could get to add an upgrade at each rank, from a choice of: an extra BO slot, an extra BO (ie rank), improved shields, improved hull, 1 extra weapon, 1 extra console.

35. We need a difficulty setting that uses the normal difficulty, but includes the injury/damage system.

36. We need fewer popups and confirmation messages. I shouldn't have to tell my crew three times that I want to go to warp. They shouldn't be popping up whenever they feel like it, either. Let US choose when to talk to them.

37. I've played for a while now, I'd like to turn off the tooltips, please.

38. We should have the option of Army rank titles (eg. Major, Colonel).

39. We should have the option of the Commodore rank title in place of Lower Half.

40. NPCs should address us by our chosen title, NOT our effective rank.

41. There should be more time before being automatically logged of for being AFK, and there should be an audible warning.

42. The Mind Meld is NOT a combat ability. It should never have been made to be one.

43. We need more melee weapons, and some for Federation officers in particular.

44. The big white numbers under away team members at assigned waypoints are unnecessary and look bad.

45.There should be a distinctive change to gameplay once you reach the Admiralty. Admirals wouldn't be out scanning rocks. One option was that they can create and post missions for other players to play.

46. We should have the option to stop leveling. Just not spending the points isn't good enough, because your effective level still goes up. This means your enemies stats also continue to go up, and you can't use higher level equipment to combat them with.

As I say, this isn't a complete list, and it's in no particular order. I hope it's of use to the devs.

Thank you.


47. Captain's Logs should collapse into one log per mission. New entries in each mission should be added as Supplemental entries. This would mean the Tutorial would appear as ONE entry in the list of logs, instead of 15 or so.

48. Logs need to remain in the correct order.

49. We need to be able to delete entries we don't want in there, such as notices of renamed BOs and new trained skills for BOs.

More to come.

50. Specific missions for specific classes. That is, Science Officers should be assigned research and exploration missions more often than any other kind of mission. That means Non-Combat. Engineers should be assigned Construction missions. Tactical Officers would get more patrols. Of course, the exact format of these kinds of missions would need to be made first.

51. BOffs should be able to be designated as First Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, etc. I have an EMH that is on my bridge when he should be in sickbay. (agreed, I suggested this once myself)

52. UGC should be representative of Holonovels, and should be accessed from either the Holodeck on your ship or a Holosuite on a space station, with limited rewards. Admirals on the other hand, should be able to make "real" content, with real rewards. Admiral Generated Content would be available from any location, as regular content is.

Added in some of other people's comments I agreed with.

53. How about adding a First Person view? I know several people have suggested this.

54. Consistency in enemy ships. Am I to believe all enemy Battleships are Science Vessesls? How do some NPC Science Officers get to have Photon Grenades? If it's an Escort, it should be using Tactical abilities. If it's a Cruiser, Engineer abilities. As it is, everything seems to just use Science abilities, and ones that work differently from ours. This isn't how it should be. My Sensor Jam ability breaks if I attack the foe, so should his. My Science Officer can't use Photon Grenades and my Tactical Officer can't use Tricorder Scan. Neither should the NPC versions. See also #25-28 above.

55. On our Bridges, it would be nice if our officers would SIT on chairs instead of standing on them, and while it's impressive that some of our officers have the ability to float in the air at their posts, they really should stand on the deck.

Still coming up with more....

56. Klingons need content, as would any new factions added (such as the Romulans, Civilians, and so on).

more to come...

57. The devil is in the details. When my crew is walking on grass or sand, it shouldn't sound like a herd of horses on concrete. Use the softer grass footfall sound for soft materials, or if in doubt default to the grass sound for all planet missions.

58. Something I've noticed is that people who see themselves sitting in chairs don't appear that way to me. If I enter an area (Quark's, for example) AFTER they use the Sit emote, I don't see them sitting, but standing on the chair or whatever they think they're sitting on. This should be fixed.

59. Tellarites are not dwarves. Can we get them to their correct height, already?
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# 2
09-19-2010, 11:58 PM
I agree with you on most points but

42. The Mind Meld is NOT a combat ability. It should never have been made to be one.
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# 3
09-20-2010, 01:09 AM
Don't get me wrong, it's very useful as it's been set up, but it's also totally WRONG. The Mind Meld was a very private, delicate ability. It took time and care to make it happen. It shouldn't be a combat skill.
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# 4
09-20-2010, 01:19 AM
The logic (har har) I guess would be that one episode where Spock sort of used it offensively. A Taste of Armageddeon?

It wasn't identified as the mind meld I don't think, but suggested that Vulcans had the ability to have some sort of limited mental contact "at range"

He's also able to "meld" with V'Ger and it isn't clear that he physically touches something. So it isn't like the idea of Mind Meld or a Mind Meld like power that can be used at range is foreign to Vulcans. Mind Meld is probably just a good catch all term to describe it since most fans are familiar with it.
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# 5
09-20-2010, 01:23 AM
It's a pretty good wish-list, Some could be done fairly, while others probably would be more a long term goal.
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# 6
09-20-2010, 01:23 AM
we need more types of crafting. leave the anomaly one as is, just add more items but put two new types in as well.
every time you destroy a ship you should have a chance to pick up some scrap salvage that can be created into new items.
same with ground, you should be able to salvage bits and pieces to make new ground items

and they need to start being cool, unique and different.

ideally attach a mini game to all forms of crafting, and the more successful you are at the mini game the better the item is.
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# 7
09-20-2010, 02:40 PM
I agree, some sort of more detailed crafting system would be nice, but considering the setting, I'm not sure why it would be useful. As I say, linking it to Scientific Research might be good, just make it Engineering Research. Instead of solving puzzles, you're building things.
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# 8
09-20-2010, 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
Don't get me wrong, it's very useful as it's been set up, but it's also totally WRONG. The Mind Meld was a very private, delicate ability. It took time and care to make it happen. It shouldn't be a combat skill.
Originally Posted by Algus View Post
The logic (har har) I guess would be that one episode where Spock sort of used it offensively. A Taste of Armageddeon?
Wait - weren't forced mindmelds a metaphor for **** in Enterprise?
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# 9
09-20-2010, 02:47 PM
Ya they did do an episode like that. ENT treated melds a lot differently than TOS or even VOY though

Although Valeris didn't seem to pleased when Spock forced a meld in ST6.
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# 10
09-20-2010, 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by Algus View Post
Ya they did do an episode like that. ENT treated melds a lot differently than TOS or even VOY though

Although Valeris didn't seem to pleased when Spock forced a meld in ST6.
That's because forcing an intimate experience on another person is an act of violence.

Data and Spock are now evil.

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