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# 1 Suggestion for Skill Sheet
09-20-2010, 02:29 AM
Well with the screenshots showing the new ships that are coming to our faction, I got to thinking about the way that the skill sheets look between the Federation and the Klingons.

Honestly, though it is minor compared to other things, I would rather not have the sheet overdone with a long list of new ship-types. Anybody who has a Federation character will note that the high end ship skills include (and are not limited to):
-Deep Space Vessel
-Reconnaissance Science Vessel
-Adv. Escort
-Fleet Escort
-Assault Cruiser
-Star Cruiser
-Exploration Cruiser (Refit)
-Tactical Cruiser (Refit)
-LRSV (Refit)

...and so on, and I'm sure that I'm missing one or two (not to mention whatever the Nebula will be titled). Essentially though, I would rather keep things simple for the Klingons, and avoid having massive classes/subclasses for the new ships when being placed in the tree.

Prior to the website being redone a few months before the game launched there was a ship description of the Raptor, and in it the ship was referred to as a 'Destroyer' and other references in game refer to the Bird of Prey as a 'Raider'. Now when you level up a Federation character you notice that the various races of the Empire have ships that are titled 'Cruiser' and 'Destroyer' with the only real differences being in the lighter class ships (however none of them are science and they fill the same NPC role of the BoP).

So I suggest that the skills be renamed as Destroyer, Battlecruiser, Raider, and Carrier so that they encompass all of the ships at that given tier that fit into the classification; with the tool-tip description explaining what ships they specifically cover.

I understand that, from an RP standpoint, there would be some differences in how each ship acts/peforms; however they would all fit very similar design specifications (ex. all Destroyers would have high firepower; all Raiders would be small, and extremely quick with good firepower, and so on).

Anyway, what do yall think?

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