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# 1 Mission suggestion idea.
09-22-2010, 04:03 AM
I am quite new to the game and have just reached Lt Comm with my first character. Gotta say I am loving the game. Today I found I could visit many places on my new LT comm ship. This lead me to an idea for a suggestion.

As many on this forum and fans of the show would know, Start Trek has a rich history of episodes that take place on the ship itself. Like an unknown creature finds the ship and decides the nacelles are the perfect place to lay its eggs so the baby will have a steady supply of warp power to feed on. The job of the crew is to detach the creature and make sure they don't kill it and take the ship back and then leave or something to that effect. Or enemies hence unknown taking the ships presence as hostile board and then by the end every one is friends, maybe not. Or the episode where Picard and Data get back to the ship to find all the crew are de-evolving due to some annomaly.

Basically I am saying I would love to see an episode or two made in that style, you are on board your ship, facing an issue that might be effecting your crew and throw in some drama and you have a winner of a story.

Thanks for reading hope it makes sense.


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