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# 1 Looking for RP Fleet
09-24-2010, 02:40 AM
Hey all,

first let it be known i am new to STO but not new to the space MMO. i am a very fast learner and enjoy in depth RP plot and storylines. I did watch all of or most of the star trek series if it helps, excluding the original and Deep space 9 (Didnt really float my boat, hanging around a station wasnt really my thing)

My ideal RP situation would be exploration of any space, i love the thought of discovery and first contact with new alien species and possible war with others. Im a team player and a great guy to get along with and i have a "aquired" sense of humour. Im based in GMT and can play most days.

Now im not sure about this Name@username thing or how it works, so i may need a little help with that in regard to contact however i think it is:


I will be online most of today so drop me a line f anyone can give me a home.
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09-24-2010, 02:53 AM
Hey there,

If you're looking for a casual fleet with rp then the 12th fleet would be a great pick for you.
We have a very active rp community, though we are currently mostly into forum roleplay. When the user generated content comes out we hope to bring our roleplay more into the game. We're a large and very active fleet with mostly USA and EU players.

If you're an avid fan of in-game roleplay however then I can really recommend Daedalus Omega Fleet, they're fun people to be around with and take in-game roleplay very seriously. They have a small but very active and loyal community, most of their organized RP takes place in the EST evenings.

I hope this makes it a bit easier for you to to pick a fleet.

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