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I mean really does it have a point?

DStahl (Or whatever the hell he's called) made it quiet clear that the Klingon faction is the ugly nephew of the game. So in no other terms I was sold down the river when I bought this game, and continue to pay for it.
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# 3 Missed the bus...
09-24-2010, 06:34 AM
Thanks - that shows that Cryptic are working hard to address the imbalance but these are my concerns:

That doesn't address anything, as follows:

  1. How are Klingons meant to survive with poor rate of drops/ exchange prices?
  2. Special items and abilities are not special when everyone has them?
  3. Klingon maps?
  4. Klingon PvE limited and poor e.g Tribble infestation, Tribble colonies, etc?
  5. Lower levels left out of development to benefit only the few. Only BG + enjoy anything updates offer.
  6. Same PvP maps? Once you know the routine - the spark fizzles and dies.
  7. Ground PvE AI is pathetic. e.g little groups of enemy you walk up to and start shooting. No storyline whatsoever.
  8. Where are the cannon specie NPC's - Cryptic has thumb-sucked most of the PvE factions. e.g Bounc?
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09-24-2010, 07:24 AM
Once again I indentify with the OP's angst and feelings of being "left out" of the full STO experience.
With the recent posts by the Dev's of what they have in the works for the KDF, we can only hope that we Klingons (and all non-fed factions) get a more than 10% attempt at gameplay options that STO launched for the KDF. Things are looking better, but only time will tell.
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09-24-2010, 12:09 PM
i feel your pain OP, however, i do have 2 fed alts i can play when the pvp q's are dead. & i do believe that more content is coming for us Klingons , maybe Cryptic will give us a nice Christmas present this year. i have 2 klingon generals, & i have become a good pvper because of it.
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09-25-2010, 08:53 AM
wow the ships look good lets hope they add specials like the feddybears got in the refits ^^
i hope one of those is a sci ship & please dont botch up the BO layout like you did with the
other ships :p (raptor / defiant)
I also hope the talked about BO layout revamp is gonna happen soon .

Id be happy with something along the lines of a fixed commander position .

like say your a sci officer but fly an escort the commander slot on that ship is thus tied to science.
Id also say get rid of the extra ensign slots put them on the back of a lt slot turning it in to a ltcom slot.

So say for instance lets take the defiant refit current BO slots are

tactical commander
tactical lt commander
tactical ensgin
engineer lt
sci lt

fixed commander slot tied to what ever trate your officers is so in the case of science

So it would thus be

science commander
tactical lt commander
science either of these last 2 could be ltcommander .

I would like to see something like that done on all ships .. tbh id like to see all ships have min ltcommander BO slots.

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