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# 11
09-24-2010, 07:21 PM
I'd go one further and suggest allowing people to get duplicates of special rewards on rerun weekends through a kind of gated mission replay. That could make existing folks look forward to reruns.

If you do something C-Store related, instead of flat out selling the item, sell a 7 day pass that gives people 7 days to repeat the chain for the original rewards. Call it "Featured Episodes Replay On Demand".

At least that way it remains tied to the mission.
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# 12
09-24-2010, 07:24 PM
So make sure of this:

We just have to complete episode 5 by October 14 and not had to complete each episode on the weeks they were "new"?

I wasn't feeling well during one of the episode weeks so just decided to do the new episode on some toons but not others. But how it seems now, I can go through all toons as long as I finish the finale by October 14.
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# 13
09-24-2010, 07:35 PM
my lc4 char on tribble has been unable to do more than the first featured episode but i have done all so far on my main and have thoroughly enjoyed them
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# 14 C-store opinion & Comment
09-24-2010, 08:05 PM
2 message post:

message 1: I think the reward for series completion should go under special unlocks in c-store, and for thiose who weren't on time, in c-store not for free (also unlocked by completing series). The reward for coming into the game at the time of season 1.2 went across charactors from all diferent character creation times on the same user, why not feature episode rewards?http://forums.startrekonline.com/sta...lies/smile.gif

message 2: Cool, These feature episodes are going to keep people interested in sto for longer than they wouuld if it was just a game where people could do all missions, win game, and start over or just keep playing endless day mode. The unique rewards don't hurt either, except for breen biothermal dampener, useless, but very annoying http://forums.startrekonline.com/sta...milies/mad.gif.
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# 15
09-24-2010, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Breen Episode Series Finale Saturday Sept 25 at 11am PDT

We want to remind everyone that the Breen Featured Episode Series Finale is this Saturday starting at 11am PDT. When the episode is turned on, the mission will become immediately available. However, you will need to go to the right location and contact to take the new mission.

To play the final episode "Cold Storage" there are a few requirements
  • You must have access to the Defera Sector (This requires level 10 for both the Fed/Klg faction).
  • You must have completed previous episodes in the Breen Featured Episode chain.
  • You must be in the Defera Sector and hail Ambassador Surah to get the next episode.

After travelling around the sector last week looking for components to the Star Map, you will be travelling to the location of the Preserver Archive to discover the secrets it may hold.

We want to remind you that Featured Episodes and daily mission can be played by both Federation and Klingon faction players. You can play these episodes at any level 10+ and the episode will scale to the team leader level (or just your level if you are solo). There is a daily patrol mission in the sector "Aid the Deferi" that offers 3 Emblems on completion for Fed/KLG players that are at max level. On this patrol, you may also find other missions the Deferi may ask for your assistance with (note: the patrols are not required to earn the special series reward)

Since this is the final episode in the Breen Featured Series, when you talk to Ambassador Surah to turn in the completion of Cold Storage, you will receive both the mission reward and the series special reward - all at once.

The ability to turn in Cold Storage and get the special added reward will only be available if you turn in the mission before 3am PDT on October 14th, just prior to when Featured Episode Series 2 starts. After that date, if you turn in the Cold Storage mission, you will only recieve the standard mission reward.

The special reward is per character, so if you want to have the special reward on multiple characters you will need to complete the episode series with each character you want to have the special reward. If you were unable to claim the special reward prior to the next series, we are still debating ways that you may be able to obtain this in the future (either through c-store or some re-run weekends concept - but nothing definite yet).

Since these Featured Episodes are a new concept for us, we are constantly debating and reviewing feedback about the series. As previously mentioned in prior reminders, there will be a couple weeks between series 1 and series 2 where there will be no featured episodes. This is to both give players time to complete the series and get the cool reward, and to give us time to polish and make the next series awesome.

Based on our current schedule, we are anticipating that after Series 2 - we may need a longer haitus between Series 2 and Series 3 so that we can ship the Season 3 update and get all the cool bells and whistles we want for Series 3. We are looking at ways to provide some additional content during the "off-weeks" but can't promise anything at this time. We'll see what we can do. But rest assured we love these featured episodes and plan to keep making them - at least in the short term.

Links to more information about Weekly Episodes
I think a rerun weekend or a c-store option would be GREAT . I myself have 2 empty character slots (waiting on some new species that might catch my eye) and I would love the chance to get this special reward once I have used those slots.
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# 16
09-24-2010, 08:08 PM
Hey, uh, is Cold Call supposed to be so laggy, to the point of taking 20 minutes to notice changes? I feel like I'm back in Sol Sector with the kind of lag I'm experiencing as soon as I get into the city to meet Surah. It's fine when I'm not in the city itself. How am I supposed to do any of the ones after it if it's so hard to complete the first?

Yes, I play on dialup, and NO I don't lag like this everywhere. So far it's only happened in Sol Sector and Cold Call, so there must be something in common these areas share. And yes I turned down all possible graphics options, and it only cut down the lag to about 5 minute dalay.
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# 17
09-24-2010, 08:16 PM
Originally Posted by moonseye View Post
I would suggest going the route of "rerun" weekends as it sounds better somehow.
Perhaps a Rerun six months later after the initial airing, then every six months after that?

I think it's a good concept and it fits with the spirit of these episodes.
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# 18 Ready here
09-24-2010, 09:47 PM
Set 3 hours aside to do it. Hope the Special Reward live up to the hype. I can see hiting the C-store in time as per account item but tell well after you cant get it in game.
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# 19
09-24-2010, 11:13 PM
These Feature Episodes with the Breen have been great! Excellent artwork and new concepts put to work. I'm eagerly looking forward to the Finale and the new Series 2 with the Devidians. That earlier episode involving them is among my favourites so far.

There's one race, though, that I haven't even seen in STO yet (unless it is mentioned or involved in the Admiral-level areas of the game); the Tholians. They've played significant roles in several of the Star Trek series, namely the original and Enterprise. I think it would be wonderful to see them make an appearance as a Feature Weekly Series or even a pernament addition to Season 3. Not sure if it's been thought of yet, but the Tholians would be quite a unique and interesting alien race to add because they are so alien and unique. Similar in a manner to the Udine, being non-humanoid, except that they are one of the original Alpha Quadrant species.

Just food for thought. You've been doing a great job, Cryptic Team, keep it up.
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# 20
09-24-2010, 11:23 PM
i can;t wait.

although i have been very critical of cryptics lack of klingon content i have enjoyed the deferi saga VERY MUCH!

i think the amopunt of content, quality of map design and overall enjoyment of the missions are outstanding and shows cryptics true potential. i have always admired cryptics mission/map/scenery layout and coding... to bad we dont have a mission replay/generator so we can replay these missions and enjoy the hard work put into them again (hint hint)

i am blown away by how much content and thought went into these mission that were released in 5 weeks and probably were developed in no more then 8 weeks.
this goes to show that if cryptic REALLY wanted to, they could release PvE mission at a rate of at least once per month, if not once every 2 weeks!

i think they realised that releasing small chunks of content fairly often (at least monthly) has a more positive effect on the player base then releasing "large" chunks of content every 3 months. an effect completely out of proportion to the amount of content itself. it also allows for player feedback so new content can evolve and stay true to the wants/suggestions of players!

i hope this very successful and exciting saga will be repeated. perhaps with Klingon-Federation missions that effect both sides, as well as "nutral" missions that both sides can participate in.

although i don't use the reward gear (except for making breen tribbles) i thought the rewards were well thought out. although, there seemed to be unnecessary balance issues with the cryo-grenade that that could have been addressed before release. but i dont think most players really felt the impact. i think most were just happy to get strange and interesting gear!

i DO agree with several posters that all the breen-deferi gear should be made available at the c-store.
not only will this enable players to gain access to this "restricted" reward gear in the future, but will also generate much needed revenue.

i mean why not? its already coded... why not make some cash off it in the future
if some noob really wants cryo grenades, and his money leads to programmers and developers getting paid and leads to more contnet.... then have at it!!!

overall, if cryptic takes this template and applies it to future content, i think overall customer satisfaction will increase.

very well done, i had a blst and i can't wait for the "season/saga finale"!!!


p.s. "Klingon content now!!!" :p

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