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09-26-2010, 07:27 PM
Probably been suggested before, but wish there was a way to make different build profiles for your character. Its a pain to change out Boffs and then find their powers and put them where you want them.

This would help BIG time when im doing my dailies and when i have to travel from B tran to fleet daily, ill que up for my PvP dailies. Then i would be able to change my profile from PvE to PvP and have all my Boff powers in the right place. This would also give me more use out of all my Boff spots. I find myself making hybrid builds just so i dont have to switch out and hunt down the right Boffs and Boff powers.

Plus you could make differnet PvE builds depending on what faction you are fighting... ie.... having sci team against any enemies that use sub beam or hull resist when fighting the borg. Or more a support role when doing fleet actions or STF's. many possibilities.

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