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I'm hoping a dev will see this and hook us up...

Is there any way we could get a list of the Power_Exec powers could be posted for those of us that use voice command software to enhance our STO experience? I would love to be able to bind these powers to certain keystrokes and activate them by speaking.

I've managed to set a keybind that reduces engine speed to 0 by saying "All stop", but only because I've found documentation that helped. And the ability to create our own "attack patterns" by chaining powers together and setting them off with a keybind would be so cool! I know that you can use the PowerTrayExec command or use keystrokes to activate whatever is in that slot, but sometimes I'll switch out my BO's and then have to drag their powers down to the now-empty slots. The powers don't always wind up in the same slots as before, so having to remember which power is where is such a pain.

I've heard that Cryptic has no plans to integrate any kind of voice tech into STO, so us captains have to be creative if we want to make our game feel more "Star Trek"-like. You never see Picard or Kirk use any kind of keyboard in the heat of battle, right?

To have the ability to add our own flair and command style by telling the game what we want done can only serve to draw in the players who have dreamed of sitting in the captain's chair deeper into the game.

Thank you for your attention.

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