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Helllo all,
I am looking to join a fleet with my VA (tactical officer) federation and my commander (tactical) Klingon. I am not a new player I have been playing STO since closed beta and am going strong. The last fleet I was part of I parted ways because the fleet leader left and the fleet descended into political chaos. The players spent more time on the forums talking about vote for me, vote for me then about the game. I was the fleet Chief of public relations so I have experience with staff positions. I am also an old SIMMer I used to run my own star trek SIM and was later a Task force leader in charge of 5 other SIMs. I am usually online between 9am to 2pm EST every day (I work nights ), on Friday-saturday I am usually online all day and some of the night, On Sundays I am usually on all day and evening. In my RL I am part of 2 major star trek groups (starfleet international and KAG{Klingon assualt group}). Yes I do dress up and go to conventions..... No I don't live in my parents basement. I look forward to hearing from everyone.
Thanks in advance
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09-28-2010, 11:17 PM
The I.S.S. would be interested.
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09-29-2010, 09:39 AM
Feel free to check out the Canadian Federation! We have a Fed and Klingon fleet and lucky for you do most of our activity on Saturday nights. We host our PvP nights on Saturday evenings and alternate between Klingons and Federation characters. We utilize a vent server for voice communications and have a new sparkling website for the fleet. Feel free to check it out below in my signature.

I wish you the best of luck finding a fleet, if not with us.
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09-29-2010, 10:07 AM
If you want to avoid the "my fleet leader left" take a look at Unrepentant. We are not just an STO fleet but a gaming community. Playing STO this week great, want to switch over to DDO or WoW, we have guilds in there too.

We are more like a coed Delta Tau Chi Fraternity from Animal House then any other traditional fleet. Have Fun is rule #1, we might have other rules but they aways go back to the 1st one, yup kinda like Fight Club.

We do have a active Kilingon as well as the tradtional Fed fleet.

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09-29-2010, 10:09 AM
Check out Trifecta...... Tribble petting is highly recommended!
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Hi John,

I'm Jonathon_Davis, Chief Recruiting Officer, of the Vulcan Kolinar Fleet (FED) and the House of Gore (KDF). I wanted to take a moment to reply to your post. I've read through it want want to make sure I address all your interests. First, our community has a FED fleet (VKF) and a KDF fleet (HoG). We are a small and stable fleet so you don't have to worry about the leadership shake ups you've experienced in the past. We are a tight knit community and just enjoy the game and interaction with each other. Of course, we have a forum but we definitely don't use if to campaigning. It's the for the community to hang out, organize events and to share information about the game. I see from your post that you have leadership experience. There are plenty of opportunities in our fleet for advancement should you want and merit such a thing. If that doesn't interest you anymore, that's fine to! We have PvE & PvP wings and are always looking for good team members in those divisions. We could really put your in game and out of game ST experience to good use! I see that you're usual weekday play time is from 9AM - 2PM EDT. That will work great for teaming with our UK members. Of course, you will find US members online then as well. I'm always jealous when I see them online when I'm stuck at work. (I work days). We have you covered on the weekends because we're on a lot then too!

Going to the conventions are so sweet! I recently attended DragonCon, the local Con in Atlanta. I ran right into General Martok (J.G. Hertzler) and Chancellor Gowron(Robert O'Reilly) in the lobby of the hotel. They were in full costume and character! It was awesome!

Anyway, I hope you will think about joining our fleet. I think you'd fit right in from what you've written. I've included a standard recruiting post below with general information about the fleet along with a link for going to the forum. Let me know if you have any questions.


Good afternoon. I hope you will take a moment and consider the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. We are a small but great and growing fleet. We are easy going, dedicated and friendly. We all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of doing things, but thatís part of what makes us great.

Anyone in our fleet is happy to help others when needed, in almost any aspect of the game and in some case RL. We have a fleet Ventrilo server that we use for voice chat not just in-game but also to hang out as well and get to know each other better (not required, just available). Many of us are located on the East Coast (USA) and the UK, but we do have members scattered across the globe.

Although I say our fleet is dedicated, we also realize that everyone has lives as well, so therefore when you need to take the time, you don't need to be concerned about losing your position within the fleet due to RL. We do not discriminate against such things because we understand that sometimes real life issues and problems can take time to resolve, and that some time is needed to sort things out.

So please, think about joining and moving with us into 2409 armed with the best Intel, the most specific and targeted body of knowledge about STO, and a group of Fleet-mates who will be there with you in the crunch.

The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet

Live Long and Prosper!

If you or anyone else wants additional information on the [VKF] donít hesitate to contact me or any of our members.
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09-29-2010, 12:04 PM
Perhaps Aurora Fleet is ehat you are looking for!

We have a lot of true Trek fans in our fleet, and we have a great mix of casual fans as well as hardcore fans. We have members that were involved in development testing of the game, and we also have a member that is a published author in Star Trek literature.

As for your concerns about fleet stability (regarding your old fleet) we are rock solid. Aurora was founded in 2007, and still going strong. Of course, my opinion may be a bit biased, but I really feel that this is the best group that I have ever had the honor to be a part of. I've been in lots of MMO groups, but none of them even compare to Aurora.

Also, I must include the number one thing we excel at: We have so much fun! 100 drama free, and we always have a great time.

I think you would be a greta fit with us, and we would love to have you join our ranks.

Now, if you will pardon the shameless cut and paste, here is some additional info on us:

Aurora Fleet was one of the first fleets in Star Trek Online. Hundreds of days later, we are still one of the largest, and most active fleets in the game. While some fleets have come and gone, we remain.

Why are we successful when so many others have failed? Its simple really. We make STO fun. The primary goal of Aurora is to enrich every facet of the STO experience.

Here are just a few of the perks to being a member of Aurora Fleet:

- Fleet Ventrillo server for those that wish to use it

- Friendly, mature players

- Lots of planned events for players of every rank and playing style

- PVE, PVP, and STF teaming

- Klingon faction

- Excellent leadership

- Active forums

- Role playing events for those that wish to participate

- Fleet banking and crafting

- A vast wealth of knowledge of the game

- A painless recruiting process. Simply go to From there, you can access our forums. Then, just introduce yourself/character in the "Transporter Room" section of our forums. be sure to include your character name and @name. Then we can add you to the fleet!
If this sounds like what you are looking for, come to Aurora!! We will be glad to have you "come aboard"! Beam up at

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