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Inspired by the Robert Picardo thread in the Discussion Forum.

Series: The Plight of the Holograms

Plot: Continuing the plight of The Doctor from the Path to 2409, where in 2404, The Doctor was last seen aruging in front of the Federation Supreme court for Holorights. This series would focus mainly on Diplomacy in aiding The Doctor in gaining the rights to the Holgraphic people.

Characters: If budget allows, Robert Picardo reprise his role as The Doctor and act as the representative you talk to during the series.

Location: Sirius Sector, Alpha Centauri Sector, and Iota Pavonis Sector (Romulan Space).

Possible Antagonists: Section 31, Anti-Holographic Rights Advocates, the Hirogen

Reward: Holographic Crew Member.

(To note, this is not the Holographic Bridge Officer that's part of the Referral Program Rewards).

The Holographic Crew member would be an interactable character onboard your ship, where you can choose to have a EMH and be located in the Sickbay, and Engineering Hologram that's located in Main Engineering, or a ECH (Emergency Command Hologram) that's located on your Bridge.

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