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The House of SochDIch Yo' (House of the Seventh Fleet) is actively recruiting all Klingon faction pilots.

Although new to directly recruiting captains to it, the House of SochDIch Yo' is in fact the Klingon Faction Fleet of the "Lucky 7th" Fleet. The "Lucky 7th" Fleet is one of the oldest and well established fleets in STO. The "Lucky 7th" Fleet has also demonstrated its support for dedicated Klingon Fleets, on their issues of being brought up to full faction status.

For the first time, the Fleet Admiralty of the Lucky 7th Fleet has authorized its Klingon Faction fleet to initiate Klingon faction captain recruitment. Prove your service to the House of SochDIch Yo', and you will earn your place within the Federation side of the fleet as well....That is if you choose to do so, of course.

Services provided by our combined fleet:

* Forums
* Vent Access
* Computer Graphics Design
* Fleet Promo Videos
* Fleet Radio Station (OPERATIONAL - MUSIC & LIVE DJs)
* Cafe Press Fleet Gear
* Fleet Operations
* Task Force Missions
* Crafting / Logistics services
* Federation and Klingon Faction fleets
* Light Roleplaying if desired

Remember to mention in Application: Klingon Fleet / House of SochDIch Yo'

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