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Finally got a real Klingon misssion...everything went fine with it..last part you fight in the tournament..I won it...and was told to go to my ship and display a Bat'leth trophy in the mess hall as a last assignment. I did what it the mess hall i click on display trophies...accolades...(Nothing shows up under accolades)..each time I log out and into the BO tells me to go display a this a known bug? Cause I'm so disgusted I'm ready to delete my Klink toon.
Lt. Commander
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Posts: 120
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10-03-2010, 02:15 PM
Make sure you put the trophy on the floor, not the shelves. If that doesn't work... Bug. (Maybe try a GM ticket to see if ther is something the GM's can fix.)

Unfortunately I am still stuck at killing Taris. (I should try again and file a ticket for that, too.)

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