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# 1 UI Toolbar Improvement Idea
10-03-2010, 10:19 AM
Currently, when you change Bridge Officers, you have to drag the changed powers to the Toolbar. If they are similar powers (for example Science Team 1). Eventually, the fun runs out and it becomes troublesome and annoying.

So what I propose is that instead of certain powers staying in the same spot in the toolbar, it's assigned to the Bridge Officer Position and is remembered. So that way, when you change Bridge Officers, their powers always show up in the same spot, even when you are using a different power.

Furthermore, these powers will have a slight color bordering to show which Bridge Officer they came from. Engineers get Yellow / Gold Border, Tacticals Red, and Science a Darker Blue. Universal Station colors will correspond with the Bridge Officer type, instead of the console (which is grey).

This coloring will help aid the player in identifiying their powers faster when using the Large UI Toolbar (Option 3).

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