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I won't hide the fact that I spent a long time playing World of ********. We all know the extensive options available as regards to running macros, scripts and addons. But this thread isn't about the majority of that.

I was wondering if it might be conceivable to introduce an easier method for Science Healers to better perform their duties on the ground. Unless have already adapted to hitting function keys to cycle through group members then you might find it difficult to select the correct group member to heal in time.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that the cooldown periods of much of the abilitites (even with skill points spent in the area) feels very constricting, however, if we could reduce the time lost in finding the person to heal and switching targets in time it might help.

What I am specifically referring to is the function to create a macro where the player can bind their key/ability to a mouse over cast option. i.e. My Medical Tricorder ability is bound to button 4 and upon activation button 4 will cast this ability over the person (if any and if friendly) I have my mouse hovered over. This can be on the actual person or on their avatar in their group icon bar. I would bring my mouse to their avatar/body then cast. Simply, fast and efficient.

I may be mistaken, but this functionality or any other functionality beyond function key pressing is not in game. I feel this is quite restrictive to the healing role.

Of course, this is something that can be expanded to dps roles also.

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this, any information about how to do similar, or any ideas.

Thank you.

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