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10-14-2010, 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
Gimping cloak is not the answer.
Unfortunately I fear that we cannot convince some players.....
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10-14-2010, 03:26 AM
Don't fix what ain't broke Period!

The power drain of cloaking is already covered: "Due to the enormous amount of power required to generate a cloaking field, there is by and large not enough power available to also power the weapons and shields."
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10-14-2010, 07:28 AM
You want to fix claok and deal with griefing?
Don't nerf what cloak does. Improve the granularity of stealth dection.

There should be a state where you know the direction to cloaked ships (e.g., the map marks a spot where a cloaked vessel should be) and a state where you just see the cloaked ship. if the first was achievable in some relatively "simple" manner - like running your Aux higher then that of the cloaking ship, and being equally skilled in Sensors/Sensor Array, you would negate the possibility of cloak-griefers that hide and never come back.

For example, a simple model could be this:
We have two "cloak detectin rates".
The primary detection rate is where you actually can see and target a cloaked ship.
The secondary detection rate is where you know its actual position.

Primary Detection Range is 1 km. Secondary Detection Rate is 5 km.

You mutliply this value by 1 + (Starship Sensors + Starship Operations + Starship Sensor Array Skill / 100) + (Aux / 100) on your side and the enemy substract his own values for that.
So if you run 50 Aux and have a +50 total skill modifier, you would have a primary detetion range of 2 km and a secondary detection rate of 5 km. Of course, if the enemy BoP has the same stats, you're back to 2 km and 5 km.

If you are fairly maxed for scanning, you might run at 125 Aux and have a total skill modifier of +100 (you could get more). This gives you a multiplier of 3.25, so you could "see" the presence of cloaked vessels. Assuming the "average" cloaked vessel gets a -0.5 to that, still a 2.75. So you can detect its presence from 13.75 km. Without needing any power so far.

Now we add powers. One of the latest updates added a bonus to Stealth Detection and Stealth Rating from Emergency Power to Auxillary.

Emergency Power to Aux might add 0.1 * Rank + (Starship Engineering + Auxillary Maintanence + Auxillary Efficiency / 100) to this equation.

Now let's add Sensor Scan. It is currently very strong for detection, so let's keep it that way.
Sensor Scan might add another 0.2 * Rank * (Starship Sensors + Starship Operations + Starship Sensor Array Skill / 100) + (Aux / 100).

Now let's give Science Ships another 0.5 to the multiplier.

So a Cruiser or Science Vessel with Emergency Power to Aux II and having a skill total for the above of +50 would get another 0.7 to the modifier for a 3.45 for a range of 17.25 km.
Using Sensor Scan II for example, a Science Captain with the above stats would get another +0.9 for a total of 3.65 for a range of 18.25 as secondary detection rate and 3.65 km as primary range.
Usuing both together, he'd get a 4.35 multiplier and a primary detection range of 4.35 km and a secondary of 21,75 km. I think you don't really get much sensor information beyond 20 km anyway, so this should be entirely sufficient. Any "cloak griefing" beyond that range would also work without cloak.
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10-14-2010, 08:27 AM
Cloak doesn't need a fix. It's very well balanced at high levels of play.

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