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10-15-2010, 05:43 PM
1. More intrigue among the Houses. In Next Gen and DS9 we see constant maneuvering for political power in Klingon society. Incorporating this into the game as a regular element is a must, especially since Klingon PvP already takes the form of warring houses.

2. Hit and run scenarios. Look to DS9 episodes for inspiration.

3. Klingons are honorable - cast us in this role. The Deferi bit about the Klingons paying an ancient blood debt was very clever and did a lot to draw me into the weekly missions. Have enemies dishonor us, betray us, and show that they are the scheming, manipulative, honorless adversaries who deserve to die.

4. Consider tying some of the Klingon PvE content in with the Federation content. For example, the Federation storyline demonstrates that the Romulans have been aggressively utilizing Borg technology in their recent works. It would be easy enough to at least show this in a few Klingon missions, without necessarily exploring the same tale.

Thanks for engaging the community!
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10-15-2010, 05:50 PM
A KLINGON CIVIL WAR, with Romulan involvement!

YOU the player, get to choose which path you will follow - one of honor (House of Martok) or one of dishonor (House of Duras w/ Romulan support). Your decisions change the outcome of the PvE stories, offering you different game play, rewards and accolades.

You have the makings of this in the Path to 2409. Grab Kestrel and make it so!

(I know Cryptic doesn't have the resources for the following but... )

In a more complex game, I would incorporate player choices in PvE and PvP Civil War Missions into an alignment system. Every Klingon should be supporting a faction within the Empire.

When enough player alignments change it impacts politics in the Empire and with the Federation, opening up different missions. The choices of players could even end the war with the Federation, opening up joint operations against the Undine, etc.
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10-15-2010, 06:27 PM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
3) Have at least SOME story about either Gorn, Orion or Nausicain resistance to KDF rule. SOmeone has to be mad.
Yes! The Empire is not one big happy family like the Federation! Also, race specific missions. Here's one idea:

A Gorn contact gives Gorn players a specific mission, to root out an Undine threat amongst some Klingons. A few missions and intrigue later, it turns out that there is no Undine, and your contact is just mad! Now you're left with a choice, siding with your Gorn contact, or siding with the Klingons (based on NPC dialog in Qo'Nos, there are at least a few Gorn more than happy with Klingon rule). Epic battle royale to follow.

Speaking of race specific, the initial mission should be different. Your first contact should not always be about honor and the glory of the Empire. If you're a Nausicaan, the tone should be much more contemptuous... unless, of course, there is a race specific initial contact... And race specific starting ships.

Perhaps I've gone too far. But there should be missions for Orion players that involves scheming and smuggling and illicit things, missions for the Nausicaan and Gorn dealing with their feelings at being conquered, and missions for the Letheans as mercenaries.
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You have two successful models already: "Bringing Down the House" and, more importantly, "Second Star on the Right."

What I want the most are missions that are structured like "Second Star on the Right." Name some McGuffin that some enemy faction has; Feds, Romulans, Terran Empire, Borg, whoever. Let me bombard one of their bases or lay siege to one of their capital ships, then let me beam a raiding party (not an "away team," that bit of Fed nomenclature really needs to go away on the Klingon side) into their base or onto their ship, and let us slaughter our way to the McGuffin and bring it back in triumph.

If they parallel the story arcs on the Federation side only 5 levels earlier, even better. So for example *SPOILER WARNING* Admiral B'vat has what's-his-name Singh cranking out Augmented Gorn? Send us to go kidnap him 5 levels earlier to bring him back for Admiral B'vat. Or maybe send us to wherever the Federation had quarantined the Doomsday Machine to free it up for B'vat to steal. Ten or fifteen levels later, send us across the border into Romulan space to try to steal a copy of their captured Borg technology, or to try to persuade the Hirogen to stab the Romulans in the back and join the Empire. Ten or fifteen levels later, send us to try to assassinated Dr. Jones in his tribble research lab, maybe sending us to the wrong place or something, or send us there 5 levels after the Feds save it to bombard the new tribble homeworld. Around that same level, send us into the Mirror Universe to assist the Klingon/Cardassian Union of that timeline against the resurgent Terran Empire; better yet, do that even earlier, as early as when the Terran Empire starts to show up in exploration missions, thereby explaining why they're at war with us as well as with the Federation.

Basically take every major story arc in the game, identify one part of it that the Klingons either already have a part in or could potentially have a part in, and send us there 5 levels earlier to set it up, or send us there 5 levels later to respond to it.

What I want second-most is house Martok/Worf vs house J'mpok/Duras politics made even more detailed and explicit. We're all supposed to be in a house (or houses) aligned, at least by convenience, with J'mpok, so show us that the pro-Martok Federation accomodationists and anti-militarists are still trying to depose J'mpok, and not all of them for personal reasons, some of them for reasons of conscience. Send us to deal with people who think that breaking the Khitomer Accords was dishonorable. Send us to deal with people who want to make an issue out of the fact that J'mpok benefited from Undine assistance in his rise to power. Challenge the art department to show us Klingon factories and office buildings and city squares, and maybe even hospitals and schools, that are unambiguously recognizably Klingon, and stick us in story arcs that challenge us as to what, exactly, is the honorable warrior to do in a war against Those Who Fight Without Honor?

Edited to add:

What want less of is time travel. Yes, we obviously need to do one story arc involving the attempted seizure of the Guardian of Forever; maybe even send us back to kidnap Kirk off of the Enterprise, which would explain why Spock is in the captain's chair in the matching Federation episode, and have it be B'vat's failure, not ours, that results in the overall mission failing. And then? Let's be done with the time travel thing. I know this is more my personal preference than my speaking for the majority of the fans (although you did ask what we personally wanted), but a little bit of time travel goes a long way. Klingon high command is suspicious of predestination paradoxes and hates time travel in general. Let's keep it that way.

What I want even less than that of is woo-woo. The whole Fek'hiri series felt to me like I was playing an entirely different game, one where fat half-naked man-demons and buxom dominatrix she-demons and zombies and ghosts are common enemies. Yes, I know that Star Trek had woo-woo episodes, as far back as "Catspaw." But let's not do any more of that, ever again, okay?
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Why is it always earth people time travel back to?

It would be neat to have an episode where we team up with Kahless in his prime. Just reference the novels and lore accordingly to get all the background characters in place.

Also with Klingons dabbling in augmentation again, why not introduce some Klingon super-soldiers who go wrong. They could be cyborgs reverse-engineered from Borg tech or genetic augments that DON'T get corrupted with human DNA this time, allowing you to design some slick, exaggerated Klingons. Y'know, more pronounced ridges and spines. More of an extreme body-type and posture. You could do kindof a John Henry type subplot where J'mpok decides we're obsolete and we must compete with the augments.

Also, Worf very consistently had a Skeletor-looking guy in his holodeck simulations on DS9 and TNG. (It looked like Skeletor because it reused the mask from the He-Man movie for part of its appearances.) I bet you could mine that into a cool enemy for the Klingons. (Maybe a race whose psychic powers allowed them to continue animating their dead bodies. Or just one guy. We really only have indication of one guy who looked like that.)
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Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
If you could make the perfect KDF mission, what would you make?

Hi all, hello Gozer,

This is just one idea for a basic story arc for a KDF PvE mission, please feel free to comment and, I hope you like it.

Act #1.

Player is contacted by one of the NPC's and told that a small number of workers have rebelled on a deuterium mining facility located on one of the planets in the Mempa Sector, Pi Canis Sector Block.

A transport vessel was stolen and was last seen heading towards the Xarantine Sector, presumably heading towards Federation space to seek aid from Starfleet.

Player is told to track down the transport vessel, intercept, disable the ship and beam aboard to take prisoners as well as retrieve the ships cargo. Then bring the criminals and the cargo back to Qonos. The prisoners will go to trial, and the cargo is to be delivered back to the deuterium mining facility.


The player should also be informed that the cargo should be secured under the strictest quarantine procedures and not to be opened, should the player later try to scan the cargo, the player will find that the alloy in which the container is made out of, is immune to the players ships internal sensors.

Act #2.

Player arrives in the Hromi Sector and is prompted by a science officer to scan for a warp trail, locking on to the unique exhaust waste left in sector space by the old transport vessel which was stolen. A mini game pops up (scanning mini game would be fine, but something better would be cool), and if successful in completing the mini game the player is directed to a planet in the Xarantine Sector. If unsuccessful at completing the mini game, the player must search for the transport manually by visiting all planets in the Xarantine Sector until the Transport is located (If possible the transport could end up in a different location every time the mission is started).


It would be cool if the player could be loaded to their Bridge automatically after talking to the science officer, to play through a type of mini game, allowing the player to track down the transport vessel, as there are very few, if any missions that make use of the players ship interior.

Act #3.

As soon as the player has tracked down the fleeing criminals and entered the system in which the transport is located. A tactical officer reports that he has scanned the transport and it appears that the port plasma distribution manifolds have failed, resulting in engine failure and suggests to the player that these criminals are fools to try to run from the Empire. Also strongly suggesting that the player should transport their cargo over while their shields are down and destroy their ship (which, if the player takes this recommendation and destroys the transport vessel, the mission fails, resulting in a restart).

Player is then given a dialogue option to choose from, either taking the tactical officers recommendation or telling the tactical officer by name that he or she is loosing sight of the Way of the Warrior, stating "I have my orders, you have mine, now obey my orders or I'll have you transported into the dark cold of space!".

Whether the player chooses to go with the tactical officers recommendation or go with his or her orders, it doesn't matter, once the player has chosen the dialogue option, the science officer then informs the player that the transport has sent out a distress signal.

Science Officer - "Captain, we got here to late, a coded transmission has been sent from the transport vessel. I'm sorry Captain, I can't tell you if the transmission has been intercepted, but recommend that we proceed with caution (or alternatively "proceed with haste")".

Act #4.

Player disables the transports shields and attempts to beam out the cargo, but is informed that the attack upon the transport vessel caused a radiation leak aboard the transport which is preventing a target lock. The player then beams over with his or her team to a section of the transport unaffected by the radiation, unfortunately as soon as you arrive aboard the transport vessel, you are then informed by an officer on your ship that a Federation Cruiser has arrived in the system and told that your officer in command is cloaking the players ship.

Player then has to make his or her way to the location of the radiation leak, bypassing security doors locking the player out by either using force or a computer terminal, fix the radiation leak (cue mini game) and clear up the radiation without passing out, while also disabling any rebel workers (who stole the transport) along the way, preparing them for beam out.

When the player secures the radiation leak, Starfleet Officers beam over to the transport very close to the players location and the player is ordered to surrender. Player obviously will not surrender (Klingons ftw) and fights to the death, defeating at least 3 out of 4 waves of enemy combatants, during the 4th wave you are informed by one of your officers aboard your ship that they have the cargo as well as the criminals.

Act #5.

Player back aboard his or her cloaked ship finds the Starfleet cruiser idle, player can then choose to engage the enemy ship (if chosen initiates a countdown for Starfleet re-enforcements to arrive) or the player can choose to leave the system and complete the mission after returning the cargo as well as transporting the prisoners back to Qonos, but when returning the cargo back to the planet from where it originated, you find something is not quite as it should be.


It would be cool if the player could be loaded to their Bridge automatically after leaving the system in which the player has raided the transport vessel and acquired the prisoners as well as the cargo. The mission could then make use of the ships interior brig, and the player could question the prisoners to reveal some facts about what happened on the planet in which they rebelled and possibly the cargo that they were transporting.
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I would love to see something along the lines of two part missions, that is where it starts on one faction and ends on the other. Or perhaps a Rashomon-style retelling of a classic mission for players but this time told from the perspective of the opposing faction.

The biggest surprise I had in the defari sector was that there was no cross-faction interaction. It would have been great if, while in the sector, you could be randomly hailed by a trash-talking NPC member of the other side--or a couple of DSE might have been nice. Or perhaps some sort of DSE, that mid-fight turns into a fight the 3rd faction. Or as a better surprise a DSE, where the other faction flies in to save the day at the end. One of the best endings of a Star trek episode was one in which the heroes were facing down the big bad and all of a sudden all of these klingon ships decloak and star beating the stuffing out of the enemy.

What I suppose I'm saying is that I'm hungry for meaning to the war beyond Us and Them. I want time to march on. The game is capped with "The March to 2409" In three months it will be a new year, what have the last two years of war done? What is in store in 2411?
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Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
Just wanted to start a thread in here to see what you guys might want to see in the way of KDF PVE missions...

If you could make the perfect KDF mission, what would you make?

I don't have any specific ideas but I would like to see the reasons the Orions, Naucicans, Gorn, and Lethians are working so closely with the Klingons now. Maybe go into the backstory of how that relationship works and maybe even have a littler internal strife between races.
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Things that I would be looking for in future KDF PvE missions:

Multiple parts (pretty basic)
Occasional branching dialogue or even a short mission tree. (we had some examples of the dialogue part with the first contact diplo missions and one of the Breen missions)
More inter-House or inter-Species conflict or tension (the Houses are always jockeying for position and elements of the conquered races are probably very unhappy with the Klingons)
More with the Fek'irhy: they're a great enemy, I say use 'em!
More war-side missions.
Missions that explore the other faction races, at least a little bit. I know that'll be a hard sell if you have to run things past CBS, but we've already seen into the Orions a little bit during Enterprise.
Mission arcs that -feel- like a Klingon epic.
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1. take out resistance movements and rebels within the empire
2. check in on a small unauthorized mining operation in klingon territory, conquer them, deeming it ad the colonists subject to the empire
3. check up on a band of rebel mining colonies in the outer borders of the empire
4. a swarm of alien organisms is invading a klingon terraform colony. you must stop them
5. a comet is passing by a planetary system with a klingon colony on one, and a small base on another. the comets trail has left death in its wake as it passed the base, and is in the path of the colony planet. you must intercept and destroy the comet before millions of klingon civilians die.
6. you receive word that a klingon planet in the remote boarders has been rumored to live in the hidden regions of the planet. This was once thought to just be stories, but now, as targ farming has increased in demand, breeders needed to expand their land. now targs and farmers are vanishing in the night. Investigate, hunt down the beast and destroy it. capture if possible (you get a caged beast as a trophy for this mission-if alive. you get to mount its skull or tusks --if destroyed)
7. there are reports that a ship crash landed on an colonized klingon world. upon investigating the wreckage, there are no bodies.. track the survivors and find out what drove them into hiding in the nearby crystal caverns
8. a plague has ensnared a klingon outpost. you are ordered to destroy the base and ensure they obey the quarantine conditions. if they fight back and try to escape, destroy them.
9. a ferengi ship has been seen looting klingon colonies. hunt down the ship and destroy it.
10. an unknown vessel is attacking a newly forged klingon training camp, eradicating structures from orbit. They claim it is their planet. drive them out of the system and reclaim the planet. board the ship if necessary. (sheliak)

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