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# 1 Uniform Ideas
10-16-2010, 09:36 PM
This might be more of a ten forward thing, but the intended focus is here it is.

With the somewhat limited options available to Klingon players, I thought we could do with a thread sharing ideas regarding how to get the most out of what we have. It also might be fun to just show off our avatars

Valora, Captain of the IKS War Wolf.

She wears Klingon Leather, Gauntlet 01 on both wrists, Padded Gloves, Orion Round Shoulders, Reinforced Pants, head gear is Orion - Hollow.

For a while I tried the Orion bikini look, but it didn't quite feel right, so decided to try this, took me a week to settle on the colors...still might change to a combination of blues and greens.

What do you folks do to create a unique look?
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# 2
10-17-2010, 02:29 AM
A few options have the ability to just be worn on one side instead of both. I've decided to make use of this to gain a somewhat more unique look:

Valias, Captain of the 'Blood Talon'

Decorated pauldron on the right shoulder, faction crest strapped to left arm for a balanced look. Also, since Klingon characters tap their lower left arm before beaming up I've opted to add a single leather bracer there to act as some sort of wrist-worn communicator. Better seen on this image (here you also see two of my BOs - note my grumpy old Chief Engineer's 'civilian style' clothes, hinting at his conscription out of the Klingon Science Institute).
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# 3
10-19-2010, 01:51 AM
On my new alien toon (imagine an andorian only red...i though it'd be funny) I've just stripped around all the shoulder pads and other klingony things since I don't think aliens looks right in the klingon armor....which is unfortunate since it's the only thing that's really available to them, kind of wish the nausican and orion outfits were opened up to at least the alien gen and that the outfit colours weren't limited the way they are (at least in the offduty slot like on the fed side) would possibly be able to find something then to be comfortable with on my toon ground side.

In other words I don't think I've worked out anything yet
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# 4
10-19-2010, 03:02 AM
I have to attires for my Klingon. In his bio he is from the House of Moloch which has been a long standing ally of the now disgraced House of Chang. Obviously that reflects in my look, im bald with white Shakespearian facial hair and wear a leathery armour with no shoulder pads. I have a gold sash with three bars and and neck collar

My second attire is fur sleeved with a red/gold vest and my eye patch.

"Im as constant as the North Star"

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