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# 1 Fleet of only one speciality
10-17-2010, 09:16 AM
Recently i participated in the interesting fight on pvp. It would be including nothing incredible, if not a fact, that on our klingon side stood up 5 sci BOPs. There were 4 energy cruisers and 1 escorts on the side of the federation . I don't know whether it is a merit of the good team, the good coordination, or our scientific possibilities but our opponents, at least very well trained, had no chances with us. Destroying energy cruisers took a few seconds for us. Their RSPs have of no chances with our SNBs. On our side nobody died because we were treated each other and we concentrated on one target. Even we not had to apply tactics "hit and run". At some point after the activation of 2 photonic fleets we left fed escort one-on-one with them and we dealt with the next opponent. Our photonic fleets managed with him without the problem. At the end we didn't have big DMG (like tac players) but an effectiveness is counting.
I must recall that at one time I participated in the similar game playing on the side of the federation and the effect was the same.
Therefore for me a question whether somebody of you heard about pvp fleets compound of competitors of only one speciality: sci, of tac or eng? Did somebody think of creating such a fleet? I thought that maybe it is the key to success on pvp.
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10-17-2010, 04:21 PM
It would only work with Eng/Science. Tac probably wouldn't have the... no, actually, I know a full Tac fleet would loose miserably, I've been in the middle of a battle like that. 4 Tac captains, and my piddly self in a BoP. Twas not a fun match at all.
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10-17-2010, 09:47 PM
I've considered this. On the Fed side, you could crush opposition using three science abilities: Mask Energy Signature, Charged Particle Burst, and Photonic Shockwave, with perhaps a side of Scramble Sensors. Unfortunately, there aren't many science characters in my fleet, so I can't really test it. Plus, you can heal pretty decently, with okay damage. The CPB would do about 4k to shields. With 5 of them, even the toughest shields (about 18k now) will buckle, leaving all opponents open to torp hits (maybe quantum spread even). Add tractors and target subsystems, and you have complete control over your opponents. SNB and photonic fleets just add to the misery of your opponents.

As for cruisers and escorts, maybe. If you have, say 2 eng cruisers and 3 tact cruisers (maybe Excelsiors), you can do some very decent damage, while sustaining heals. Escorts, you would rely on just crushing your opponent with one hit. Any longer than a few seconds, and you might be overwhelmed as you try to maneuver to take out enemies.

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