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So I haven't played in a while, and figure, what the heck. I'll log on again.

Double-click my icon. No game. Huh. Well, there it is in the toolbar, showing a mini picture just like it's supposed to do, and it shows the launcher in the toolbar, game. And if I try to open the launcher from the toolbar, no dice.

Full install, then a second install, and I'm more than a little peeved here, Cryptic. I paid for a download, then lost patience with the download install for the game when it came out, and blew more money that I probably could have just saved. Now I've got a game I can't play on my system happily charging me every month.

Help. Me. Out. Here.

I'm not a moron. It worked swimmingly under Windows 7 64 until some patch hit, and now nothing. A little help here?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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10-20-2010, 04:14 AM
Sounds like you have the random hidden window problem. try these to fix

1 . be sure in the task manager no other copy of the startrekonline.exe or gameclient.exe is running

•Launch your Champions/star trek Online Launcher. It will do the whole sit there on taskbar and tray with nothing showing.
•Open up task manager (right click on task bar, select Task manager, or press ctrl+alt+del and select Task manager).
•In task manager, minimize and then maximize said champions/star trek online launcher program through task manager (right click on the champs/star online application in the taskbar list.)

or try


this must be run as admin in vista/win 7 and run just after you launch the game.

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