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# 1 Couldnt transfer character
10-28-2010, 12:31 PM
Firstly i would like to point out that while i seem to have been given up on now they have been very helpful and im grateful for this but it just seems that they cant seem to do anything at this time. Right my problem is this; when i try to load any other map from the gamma orionis sector i recieve the message "couldnt transfer character" and get booted thus resulting in my character being stuck there with an inability to do anything. Now i know that there are other threads for this bug but my problem is that i need some advice with what to do now. I also need to say that i have previously been moved to a safe location, which worked until i re-entered the gamma orionis sector at which point i found myself trapped there again and i have also reinstalled the game. In responce to my third ticket they said they have passed on my info to the bug department and that i need to wait for someone to fix this.

is there any hope in this being actually patched?
Also i have requested to be moved to a safe location on the condition that i avoid the problem sector even though this means i cant have access to any of the high tier missions.

Sorry if it seems like a bit of a rant

EDIT: have now been moved to earth spacedock thank you for quick responce GM. Although i dont dare go into the Gamma Orionis sector now

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