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# 1 Give Us A Bridge Editor
10-21-2010, 02:40 PM
Hello in this post i want too add an idea for improving ships. namely the ships interior bridges.

Currently we "buy" pre-fabricated bridges for our ships class or from the C-STORE. Here is an idea to change this a little bit.

Take a look at the "Healer bridge and the "Diplomat" and Galaxy class" bridges.

Currently you cannot customize the bridges like our ship exterior or uniforms this post addresses this idea and how to do it.
Ok lets begin with one favorite request and then the idea...

Ok now i will step off the soap box lol.

Here we go. For the bridges lets get blank templates like the Healer, Diplomat, or Galaxy bridge, or even the Pandora template bridge. From here we go to earth or DS9 dock to customize the template we got. So lets say i want to edit the Diplomat bridge. in the editor im in a fill size room holodeck where i walk around and pick and place the things i want.
i can edit the following items...
Captains chair...

Color size, elevated above floor or level, button panels,size, and...era..TOS, Movie,NEXT GEN. etc. as well as which captain chair i trek 3 enterprise, tv TOS kirks chair, Picards chair etc.

Wall Stations:

1. I can edit era...TOS, Movie(star trek 2), or Next gen, movie or tv or STO era game takes place in. i can drag and drop the wall station where i want it...near or far from turbo lift etc;..
2. number of chairs per station...say 3 max so i can do 1,2,or 3 at a wall station. i can pick the chairs era and its color.

I can have the station with a console that comes out from the wall like weapons station on Wrath of Kahn weapon station on bridge..or have console face away from wall completely like Ensign Kims or Tuvoks stations on Voyager.


1. Carpet color, size, shape pattern, and floor boundary with deck plate..or all plates or all carpet etc.


1. I can drag and drop the spot where i want the console and turn which direction i want it to face...captain, view screen etc.

2. its era era like next gen or TOS etc.

3. Its size. Does it have one center bar for buttons panel or display, is it shaped with side panels like a ] ? or like a )?

4. Does it face the wall, center of bridge ,captain, or view screen?

5. Customize the chair for console. Is it attached like next gen season 1 bridge? Or separate like the TOS chairs?

View Screen:

Which era, size of screen...tos or WALL size like TNG Enterprise. Its outer edge, and the lights flashing on top sides or below the screen.


IT SHOULD allow for the Era or color and locartion of color.
An example would be every other light red and white, or all red, all white. colors should be full palette like uniforms...including brightness too. All lights can be brightened or dimmed and colored individually depending on the default location of the chosen template. You can't move the lights only color,dim, brighten each one.

Give us a color mode for each alert status like Green, Yellow, Red or Abandon Ship. So when in game the player can choose the Alert mode he wants his ship in when others are over.

Battle Damage:

Have a mode where the bridge has a normal, light , moderate,or abandon ship extreme mode for the bridge.
In the mode each wall panel,console, wall beam, lights have a predetermined look for each level of battle damage the player can choose before heading to it, or inviting others over to chat. so once they have the bridge layout he simply clicks the damage mode he wants other players to see.
After all how real is it to have a FULL BLOWN Borg battle and head to sector space to have a pristine looking brightly lit bridge for others to come over and look at? if i came out of a skirmish or battle i want it to look like i did.

So once bridge is designed i click the alert mode and damage mode before i visit. say mission was a surprise attack, green alert with medium damage etc.


In my earlier post i called idea for using ships, I mentioned how to upgrade BOFF'S and level up their stations. Here in the bridge edit mode you can also assign a station for each BOFF and determine if BOFF gets a pose at his/her station for green alert or damaged console...maybe burnt or cut uniforms if mode was for damaged mode vs. normal mode. Are they wounded in chair, slumped over console or stretched out or curled up on floor next to console? Or better yet, if Boff is near an exploding console they begin running around bridge on fire with arms waving and a crewman chasing it with a fire extinguisher along a pre- determined "route" for say 5 seconds before their fire is put out etc. ha ha.


What good is a melted out gutted console or wall station without a raging inferno? Also tailor the level of sparks a console can have as well as fire size and occasional explosion. Have the camera shake in an explosion, how large is console fire, how far do sparks shoot (near or far)?

Does console have fire but no sparks or vice versa? How often and large is explosion(player clicks size and time between explosions but computer chooses the locations) Can it wound player, knock them down or fling them across the bridge? What player chooses also happens to guest...and their fire extinguishers they have also put can out the fires and sparks so bridge can slowly begin being repaired by BOFFS waving tools around consoles like magic wands. The damage repairs only occur after all the fires are out by the player(s)and take as long as pre-determined time chosen allows during visit.

So after all fires are out and i begin chatting with my friends, my BOFFS and random crewmen get up and start pointing and waving their tools to "repair the consoles".

Player sets timer 10 min. or hour etc. as for how long the repairs will take. This will happen with no further action from the players after the fires are out. The captains simply beam over and put out the fires so the crew can begin the repair process according to the timer pre-set by the player.

Basically its more fun when inviting guest over to a customized bridge they can look at and help fix after a battle than to go there to "chat".

Let me know what you think. if you like it mention for others to look up my title "Give Us A Bridge Editor" My other recent post are Trekienomics 101 , and Transporters as a skill. the last 2 are found in user interface area of forums.
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# 2
10-21-2010, 10:19 PM
I am sure it would be difficult to program all of that, but I do like the idea of choosing some of the features such as the consol display type and where our bridge officer locations are.
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# 3
10-22-2010, 02:22 AM
Or they could just make a decent Enterprise A bridge. The Prometheus Blaze bridge comes close, but the conn is all wrong, part of the forward deck edge instead of a stand alone console. It's still my favorite bridge design of the ones available to us, though.
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# 4
10-22-2010, 05:49 AM
Yes please! A bridge editor would be awesome.

Even if it "only" takes the form of premade slots on the ground where we can place different chairs and stations/consoles (thus also indirectly controlling where our BOs sit) or set the overall lighting. There's a lot of cool bridges already in the game, but somehow there's always something that I'd like to see different in each of them.

And please, please, please give us an option to some proper LCARS colors like the orange/blue+red/white from the DS9/VOY-era and not the "cold" blue-on-blue we currently have. It's too monotonous and simply doesn't awaken a feeling of recognition.

Naturally, there's only so many things that can practically be done with limited development resources (seeing that there's also other content and features that should not be neglected), so I guess we shouldn't ask for too much (like battle damage etc) - but I'm sure "something" like a very basic editor could be done.

The same system could also be adapted to edit the other ship interiors at a later point of time, too.
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# 5
10-22-2010, 07:29 AM
Yes, this is what I want...ESPECIALLY FOR THE KDF SIDE...our chairs still aren't the right height off the deck..I mean my dude and my orion aren't the tallest of the bunch but their feet go through the deck plating....
As far as it goes if they cannot do the typical LCARS, then adjust to give us colors and when the BO's are sitting there pecking away randomly have differet portions of the consoles (TOS era) or parts of the LCARS light up....this way it looks good...
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# 6
10-22-2010, 03:04 PM
Dstalh has been saying for a while that the Foundry tools are the first step in getting thing like fleet starbesses ingame, mostly becuase they want them to be customisable I believe. It wouldn't suprise me much if customisable bridges and interiors were to follow closly behind such features. As far as we know we can already place consoles and such in the rooms we'll get with the Foundry, It would just be a matter of linking them to your ship then.

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